How to Style a Graphic Tee and Still Look On Point

I love the graphic tee trend, but sometimes feel like I look a little juvenile when I just wear them with jeans or leggings. But wearing graphic tees doesn't have to be sloppy! Here are a few ways to style them and still look chic and glam:

1. Put a blazer over it
Blazers are not just office wear anymore. Wearing a blazer over your favorite graphic tee gives it just a bit of an edge, and makes you look like you put some effort into your outfit (but in reality, it's so simple!)

2. Layer it under a fun skirt
I love a t-shirt and fun, flowy skirt combination! The skirt automatically makes you look just a little more dressed up, when in reality, you really just threw it over your favorite soft tee. Pair with ballet flats for a daytime look or with heels for a girls night out.

3. Add a statement necklace
Go for glam by rocking a casual graphic t-shirt and your favorite jeans... and a statement necklace! This is another favorite of mine because your outfit is comfy and casual, but still on point.

What's your favorite way to wear a graphic t-shirt?

Images top: Lovely Pepa | Sydne Style

Grab a Delicious On-the-Go Juice + Jamba Juice Giveaway!

This post brought to you by Jamba Juice. The content and opinions expressed below are that of College Gloss.

Living in Washington, DC, I'm always on the go and trying to get from one place to another. Being able to grab a healthy juice to go is a huge bonus. Over the weekend, I was at Union Station to pick something up and went into the Jamba Juice there to grab a drink. The citrus kick immediately caught my eye: it's a blend of blend of oranges, apples, pineapples, and ginger. I actually haven't had anything from Jamba Juice besides their smoothies, but I'm always down for some on-the-go fresh juice.

It was really good. You could taste all the fruits, and it was quite the delicious combination. I also loved the small kick at the end that the ginger gave. And I'm not usually a huge health nut, but these juices definitely get a bonus point because they are not only delicious, but also healthy, paleo and fresh pressed. There are no preservatives and are 100% juice!

I have to admit, I haven't yet jumped on the cold pressed juice bandwagon, but this juice might be making me change my mind.
The Jamba Juice I went to just had the first four flavors listed below, but apparently there are more healthy and delicious juices coming our way.
  • Tropical Greens:
    • For a truly tropical flavor, we’ve combined apples, pineapples, Supergreens, and Chia seeds. This is one island that will never be deserted.
  • Citrus Kick:
    • When you really want to bring up the brightness in your day, try this blend of oranges, apples, pineapples, and ginger. Just don’t forget your sunglasses.
  • Veggie Harvest:
    • Take some apples. Then take some carrots, and beets, and super greens and ginger. Then take a minute to drink it all down and wonder how you ever got through your day without it.
  • Orange Reviver:
    • When your day feels like 5 days, revive with an Orange Reviver. We’ve taken oranges, apples, bananas, beets and Chia seeds and turned them into a spirit-lifting, taste bud-hugging masterpiece of mixology.
  • Garden Medley:
    • Is there such a thing as too many servings of vegetables? Not when they make up a melodious medley like this. Try one and enjoy delicious, perfectly portioned vegetables and a splash of apple, all living together in perfect harmony. Just like Mother Nature intended.
  • Orange Carrot Twist:
    • The fresh, tangy brightness of the orange meets the smooth, earthy sweetness of the carrot. Some things were just meant to be.
  • Orange Berry Antioxidant:
    • For juice lovers that know the more, the merrier, we’ve squeezed this orange and double berry masterpiece. It’s The Works of Juices.
  • Kale Orange Power:
    • Green means go-go-go with this delicious blend of fresh orange juice, kale and bananas. And as good source of vitamins and manganese, it’s hard to stop sipping. Get ready for the perfect fuel to power through your day.
  • Triple Revitalizer:
    • Do bananas have juice? Yep. But don’t take our word for it, just ask the oranges and carrots in this awesome blend of potassium-loaded goodness.
  • Tropical Kick-Start:
    • We took the American breakfast staple on a trip to the tropics. The result? A juice blend that will take your taste buds on vacation.
Luckily for you, College Gloss is teaming up with Jamba Juice to give one reader a gift card to any Jamba Juice store. All you have to do is comment with what Fresh Juice flavor you would want to try for a chance to win your own Fresh Squeezed Juices.

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3 Last Minute Valentines Day Dates


Spending your Valentine's Day dinner at a fancy-schmancy restaurant might seem like a lot of fun, but in real life it sometimes also involves overpriced meals and a hard time getting reservations. V-Day, however, doesn't have to look like the cliche in movies. Here are a few last minute V-Day date ideas:

Cook dinner together
Come up with a menu for a Valentines day dinner! It can range from breakfast for dinner to a fancy steak and scallops dinner. Go grocery shopping in the afternoon together, and then enjoy each others company as you cook.

Go ice skating and then grab hot chocolate
Lots of ice rinks will rent our ice skates, so all you have to do is show up. Afterwards, go out for some hot chocolate or coffee to warm up.

Order takeout and watch a movie
If you're leaning towards a lazy valentines, pick your favorite Chinese restaurant or pizza place, order your food, and choose a romcom on Netflix or Redbox. Cuddle up with your SO for a cozy V-Day.

How are you spending your Valentine's Day?

By: Victoria Rodriguez

Winter Coats You Need To Try

I'm so excited that the weather's getting colder because it means it's time to bring out those winter coats! With winter just being around the corner, it gives you an excuse to look for something new. And with the assortment of options this season, you'll definitely find what you're looking for. Some typical winter coats on college campuses include Northface parkas, the duffle coat, and lots of peacoats but why not be bold and try something new? It's time to switch out those old coats and try one of these. Here are a few coats that I'm dying to try!

The leopard print coat is a must-have this season! It's super bold and daring to wear. You can pair it a solid colored blouse and some black skinny jeans or spice up the look by wearing colored pants like these maroon leather pants and some booties. You can also layer under the coat with a leather jacket if the weather's really cold. 

Long coats are super in this season, especially those in neutral colors like this grey long coat. For a neutral look, pair the coat with a pair of black skinny jeans, a black top, and black booties. A long coat screams sophistication and creates an effortlessly chic look. 

Fur coats are huge this season. Not only are they super stylish but they're super warm, which is a definite plus when the weather is getting colder. Pair your fur coat with some skinny jeans, sweater, and loafers. A fur coat is definitely a statement piece so no need to wear anything else that may overwhelm the outfit. For those who aren't a fan of real fur, there's plenty of faux fur coats that are just as equally cute (and definitely cheaper options)! 

I love the oversized coat. It's super chic and classic. Pair it with a sweater, some jeans, booties, and a clutch. It's perfect for those cold weather days because it's easy to layer under. You can also add a oversized scarf depending on how cold it is. To create a dressier look, trade in your booties for a pair of heels. 

In my opinion, you should have at least one pattern coat in your closet. They definitely add that extra pop to your outfit! Pair your patterned coat with some flats, skinny jeans, a cute sweater, and a hat. This patterned coat adds color and a little bit of something to the outfit! 

Switch out your sporty Northface parka for a more trendy parka like the one below. Pair it with a sweater, skinny leather pants, and some black boots. Add a beanie and some sunglasses for a more effortless look. These coats are super edgy but also very feminine at the same time! You're bound to turn heads with this coat!

Which coat are you going to try this season?

By: Crissy Tang | Image: Source1Source2Source3Source4Source5Source6

Gift Guide for the Beauty Addict


With the holidays just around the corner, it's time to think about gifts for family and friends! Beauty products are a favorite when it comes to gifts - you don't need to know their size or details. And who doesn't love receiving nail polish or lip gloss? For your favorite beauty addict friend, here are some tried and true favorites:

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Cherry • $22.50
Essie 'Winter 2014' Mini Four-Pack • $17.00
tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush • $26.00
Eos A Ray of Holiday Sunshine Rachel Roy 3 PK • $7.99
NARS Eyeliner Stylo • $27.00
Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag • $20.00
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette • $29.00
Smashbox 'O-GLOW' Intuitive Cheek Color with Goji Berry-C Complex • $28.00
Stila 'in The Know' Eyeshadow Palette • $39.00

How to Wear: A Sweater Dress

I've never been a huge fan of sweater dresses until this winter, and now they're a staple! They can transform from the perfect holiday party dress to a date night outfit to a comfortable go-to-class clothing. Skeptical? Read on to see how, with just a change in accessories:


Liz Claiborne sweater dressVince Camuto booties | J. Crew opaque tights | chevron statement necklace

Pair the sweater dress with a simple statement necklace, then layer over opaque tights and your favorite pair of booties.

Perfect for: a date night where you want to look put together, Thanksgiving dinner with your relatives, a meeting at the office, or a sorority function


Liz Claiborne sweater dress | Asos bow heelsJ. Crew opaque tights | Charlotte Russe spiked necklace 

It might be too cold to go barelegged, so pair an opaque pair of tights with a black pair of heels, like this gorgeous bow-accent pair. Top it off with a statement necklace (can you believe this one is only $5?)

Perfect for: holiday parties, fancy events, a glam night out on the town, or whenever you want to feel extra pretty


Liz Claiborne sweater dress | Longchamp Le Pliage bag | INC riding boot | Madewell gridcraft bangle

Sweater dresses are also perfect for the day to day grind. Pair it with riding boots and large bag to hold your essentials, and top it off with a simple bangle for a stylish but warm look (and don't forget those fleece lined leggings if you live somewhere cold!)

Perfect for: a long day of class, meeting a friend for coffee, traveling for the holidays

Are you a fan of the sweater dress for this holiday season?

5 Snacks for Late Night Studying

During those late nights of endless studying, sometimes all you need is some snacking to keep you concentrated on finishing up your work. While the tempting choice might be to snack on some chips or go on fast food run, there are simple options to energize you that you quick and easy to make right from home and easily packed to take with you to the library or wherever your studying takes you.

Homemade Puppy Chow
Gather three cups of rice Chex, 1/2 cup of chocolate ships, 1/4 cup of peanut butter, two tablespoons of chia seeds, one cup of nuts and a 1/3  of powdered sugar. After melting the chocolate chips and peanut butter, pour it into a bowl with the Chex squares, seeds and nuts. Stir and then let cool for 15 minutes. Put the mixture into a large Ziploc bag and add the powdered sugar; then shake it. Keep the puppy chow in the fridge.

Coconut Raisin Peanut Butter Balls
In a bowl, combine half ½ cup of flaked coconut, half a cup of raisins, four teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of chopped walnuts. Add a third cup of peanut butter and a fourth teaspoon of coconut extract and beat well. Refrigerate the mix for 30 minutes and then shape into small balls.

For a traditional snack without the unhealthy ingredients of packaged microwavable popcorn, buy plain popcorn kernels to pop with an air popper or on the stove. If popping using a stove, simply add a fourth cup of popcorn kernels and two tablespoons of oil or butter to a pot. Cover with a lid and keep at a medium heat until the kernels begin to pop. Once your popcorn is ready, add flavor with your choice of seasoning or mix in chocolate, candy or any sweets.

Crunchy Homemade Trail Mix
Go back to the basics with a quick and easy trail mix fix-up snack by combining your favorite ingredients. Things to include are nuts, seeds, dried fruit, grains like cereal or pretzels, sweets like M&Ms and chocolate or yogurt chips for a kick, and any spices like cinnamon for extra flavor.

Yogurt Popsicles
Add one cup of fruit and ¼ cup of sugar into a food processor. In a bowl, mix a cup of yogurt, ¼ cup of milk and ¾ cups of granola. Then add the fruit blend. Once mixed, pour into popsicle molds. Insert popsicle sticks into each mold and place in freezer for about six hours. Once frozen, you have a refreshing and delicious treat to help keep you energized and awake.

By: Emily Dabau | Image: SourceSource 2

The Holiday Gift Guide on a College Budget

It's tough to think about gift shopping when you have final exams and a pretty tight budget. But thoughtful little gifts are everywhere, if you just know where to look. Here are some of our favorite stylish gifts, all under $25, for all your favorite ladies: moms, best friends, sisters, and anyone else who appreciates the little things in life.

4 Award Winning Sandwiches You Can Make at Home

As students, we don't always have a lot of time to cook, nor do we usually have chef-worthy kitchens. Luckily, we can always put together a sandwich or two without lots of fancy equipment. Although these sandwiches may take a little more time and effort than your typical ham and cheese, they are definitely worth it:

Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nothing says gooey-cheesy goodness with a side of guac better. Recipe here.

Avocado BLT with Fried Egg And Chipotle Mayo

This twist on your BLT makes it so much better. Recipe here.

Beef and Mushroom Sloppy Joe

This is a little more grown-up than your childhood favorite, but just as delicious! Recipe here.

Turkey Pesto Panini

You can't lose with this combo. Recipe here.

What's your go-to sandwich?

[CLOSED] Find Your Career Fit with ANN INC. + $25 Giveaway!

This post brought to you by ANN INC.. The content and opinions expressed below are that of College Gloss.

We’ve all been there: job hunting. It can be totally daunting. After all, where do you start? How do you know what kind of job fits you? Luckily, while you’re in school or after you just graduated is a great time to find out.

is all about fit. You might have heard a few things about them… does Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Lou & Grey ring a bell? Not only are their clothes all about a great fit, but the company is too. And they totally get it: fit isn’t just about looking good. It’s about feeling good and understanding women. ANN INC. inspires and connects to help women put their best selves forward every day. They've even won a Gallup Great Workplace Award—the only fashion retailer to receive it. As someone who’s been working for a couple years, let me tell you… it’s a great feeling to work at a company that really supports both your career and your personal life. You get to grow, learn new professional skills, and build confidence.

ANN INC. is looking for women who “fit” and feel strongly connected with all the things a woman values, believes in, supports, defends, embraces, loves. If you’re a relationship builder, team player, and believer in fashion first and people always, you should definitely visit to see the amazing opportunities with the company. Go ahead and follow them too, on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.

Are you ANN INC.’s next must-have? Start a career with ANN INC. today!

Oh, and one more thing: we’re doing a giveaway of a $25 giftcard to any ANN INC. store. All you have to do is follow ANN INC. on Twitter, Instagram and/or Linkedin. Rules: Must be U.S. resident and 18+ to win.

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Must-Follow Celebrity Kids on Instagram

Bored of the people you’re following on Instagram right now? Check out these must-follow celebrity kids on Instagram! Having celebrity parents definitely has its perks. With access to private jets, invitations to the most exclusive events in Hollywood, and a never ending wardrobe of clothes and shoes - these celebrity kids are living the life. 

Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie)
You may have seen Sofia Richie as the sensible little sis on big sis Nicole Richie’s reality TV show Candidly Nicole. Although it may seem difficult to create your own path when your father is musical legend Lionel Richie and with your big sis being a fashion icon, it hasn’t stopped Sofia Richie. She’s been able to create a name for herself through the reality show but more notably on Instagram. With her ever changing hair and her amazing fashion sense, Sofia Richie’s Instagram is a perfect source of inspiration.

Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid)

Daughter of Yolanda Hadid Foster, you’ve probably seen her making several appearances on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Gigi Hadid is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to modeling. At the young age of 19, she’s already established herself in the modeling industry having walked in runway shows that aspiring models only dream of walking in including Marc Jacobs and Chanel. Her Instagram captures her modeling career, traveling around the world, and attending fabulous events. She's definitely one to follow on Instagram!

Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin)

You may have seen her on Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Instagrams a few times, but Hailey Baldwin has some connections of her own. Her father is Stephen Baldwin and she's the niece of Alec Baldwin. She’s an aspiring model and has walked for Topshop during London Fashion Week. Going to fashionable events and hanging out with other famous celebrity kids including Jaden and Willow Smith and the Jenner sisters, Hailey Baldwin is a must to follow!

Peter II & Harry Brant (@harry_brant and @petermbrant)

Peter and Harry Brant's father is Peter Brant, an art collector and publisher of Interview Magazine while their mother is former supermodel Stephanie Seymour. Naomi Campbell, Michelle Rodriguez, and Karlie Kloss are just a few celebrities that have been featured on the siblings’ Instagrams. Not to mention they’re practically besties with the top dogs of the fashion industry including Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy’s Artistic Director, Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s Creative Director and Derek Blasberg, Harper’s Bazaar’s Editor-at-Large. Attending exclusive parties and glamourous events, these socialites are definitely ones to follow on Instagram.

By: Crissy Tang | Image: Source1, Source2, Source3, Source4

6 Must Watch Episodes of Gilmore Girls

As a loyal fan of Gilmore Girls, I was overjoyed when I found out that the series would be streaming on Netflix - all seven seasons! Gilmore Girls follows the lives of witty and coffee obsessed Lorelai Gilmore raising her daughter Rory in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. With great story lines and constant banter, the show is a must watch! Since Netflix has added the series for streaming, I've chosen a few of my favorite must watch episodes! If you haven't watched the show, I definitely recommend grabbing a bag of popcorn and binge-watching the entire series!

Season 1, Episode 4 "The Deer Hunters"

Just starting out at Chilton, Rory gets a D on a major assignment leading her to cram for the upcoming test. Unfortunately she oversleeps, gets hit by a deer while on her way to school, and is unable to take her exam after being late. This is one of my favorite episodes because although Rory’s sweet, she’s just like her mother and isn’t afraid to be sassy. The most memorable line from that episode was “And for the last time, my name is RORY!”

Season 2, Episode 16 "There's the Rub"

Lorelai and Emily spend the weekend at the spa. Rory spends the evening alone until it's interrupted by Paris. In addition, Jess unexpectedly shows up with a bunch of food from Luke’s Diner and invites himself over for dinner. Dean surprises Rory with some ice cream at her house only to find Jess there. There’s no denying the chemistry that Rory and Jess have in this episode. As a Jess fan, this is definitely one of my favorite episodes.

Season 3, Episode 7 "They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?"

Stars Hollow holds its annual 24-hour dance marathon, which Lorelai is determined to win. The Rory/Jess/Dean love triangle comes to its end as Dean breaks up with Rory because she has feelings for Jess. It's definitely a must watch episode, especially since Adam Brody appears as the dorky, music obsessed, Lane crushing, Dave Rygalski. 

Season 4, Episode 22 "Raincoats and Recipes"

The wait is over! After four seasons, Luke and Lorelai finally go on a date. However, things don’t go according to plan when Lorelai’s ex comes to the newly opened Dragonfly Inn leading Luke to be unsure of where he stands.  Eventually things get sorted out, marking the beginning of Lorelai’s and Luke’s relationship. Rory rekindles her relationship with Dean (who recently got married) and loses her virginity to him.

Season 5, Episode 13 "Wedding Bell Blues"

In the 100th episode of the series Emily and Richard renew their wedding vows. After speaking to Emily, Christopher comes to the wedding hoping to win Lorelai back. Luke and Christopher end up getting into an argument about Lorelai leading Luke to leave the wedding early. Rory decides to have a casual relationship with Logan, even though she's used to having more serious relationships.

Season 7, Episode 22 "Bon Voyage"

Rory lands her dream job as a political reporter and finds out she has to leave Stars Hollow in three days. With help from the town, Luke throws a surprise goodbye party for Rory. This is one of my favorites because it shows just how much Luke cares for Rory and Lorelai. At the end, Lorelai and Luke get back together and rightfully so, the last scene displays Lorelai and Rory eating at Luke’s Diner before Rory heads off to start her job.

By: Crissy Tang | Image: Source
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