5 Snacks for Late Night Studying

During those late nights of endless studying, sometimes all you need is some snacking to keep you concentrated on finishing up your work. While the tempting choice might be to snack on some chips or go on fast food run, there are simple options to energize you that you quick and easy to make right from home and easily packed to take with you to the library or wherever your studying takes you.

Homemade Puppy Chow
Gather three cups of rice Chex, 1/2 cup of chocolate ships, 1/4 cup of peanut butter, two tablespoons of chia seeds, one cup of nuts and a 1/3  of powdered sugar. After melting the chocolate chips and peanut butter, pour it into a bowl with the Chex squares, seeds and nuts. Stir and then let cool for 15 minutes. Put the mixture into a large Ziploc bag and add the powdered sugar; then shake it. Keep the puppy chow in the fridge.

Coconut Raisin Peanut Butter Balls
In a bowl, combine half ½ cup of flaked coconut, half a cup of raisins, four teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of chopped walnuts. Add a third cup of peanut butter and a fourth teaspoon of coconut extract and beat well. Refrigerate the mix for 30 minutes and then shape into small balls.

For a traditional snack without the unhealthy ingredients of packaged microwavable popcorn, buy plain popcorn kernels to pop with an air popper or on the stove. If popping using a stove, simply add a fourth cup of popcorn kernels and two tablespoons of oil or butter to a pot. Cover with a lid and keep at a medium heat until the kernels begin to pop. Once your popcorn is ready, add flavor with your choice of seasoning or mix in chocolate, candy or any sweets.

Crunchy Homemade Trail Mix
Go back to the basics with a quick and easy trail mix fix-up snack by combining your favorite ingredients. Things to include are nuts, seeds, dried fruit, grains like cereal or pretzels, sweets like M&Ms and chocolate or yogurt chips for a kick, and any spices like cinnamon for extra flavor.

Yogurt Popsicles
Add one cup of fruit and ¼ cup of sugar into a food processor. In a bowl, mix a cup of yogurt, ¼ cup of milk and ¾ cups of granola. Then add the fruit blend. Once mixed, pour into popsicle molds. Insert popsicle sticks into each mold and place in freezer for about six hours. Once frozen, you have a refreshing and delicious treat to help keep you energized and awake.

By: Emily Dabau | Image: SourceSource 2

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