Winter Coats You Need To Try

I'm so excited that the weather's getting colder because it means it's time to bring out those winter coats! With winter just being around the corner, it gives you an excuse to look for something new. And with the assortment of options this season, you'll definitely find what you're looking for. Some typical winter coats on college campuses include Northface parkas, the duffle coat, and lots of peacoats but why not be bold and try something new? It's time to switch out those old coats and try one of these. Here are a few coats that I'm dying to try!

The leopard print coat is a must-have this season! It's super bold and daring to wear. You can pair it a solid colored blouse and some black skinny jeans or spice up the look by wearing colored pants like these maroon leather pants and some booties. You can also layer under the coat with a leather jacket if the weather's really cold. 

Long coats are super in this season, especially those in neutral colors like this grey long coat. For a neutral look, pair the coat with a pair of black skinny jeans, a black top, and black booties. A long coat screams sophistication and creates an effortlessly chic look. 

Fur coats are huge this season. Not only are they super stylish but they're super warm, which is a definite plus when the weather is getting colder. Pair your fur coat with some skinny jeans, sweater, and loafers. A fur coat is definitely a statement piece so no need to wear anything else that may overwhelm the outfit. For those who aren't a fan of real fur, there's plenty of faux fur coats that are just as equally cute (and definitely cheaper options)! 

I love the oversized coat. It's super chic and classic. Pair it with a sweater, some jeans, booties, and a clutch. It's perfect for those cold weather days because it's easy to layer under. You can also add a oversized scarf depending on how cold it is. To create a dressier look, trade in your booties for a pair of heels. 

In my opinion, you should have at least one pattern coat in your closet. They definitely add that extra pop to your outfit! Pair your patterned coat with some flats, skinny jeans, a cute sweater, and a hat. This patterned coat adds color and a little bit of something to the outfit! 

Switch out your sporty Northface parka for a more trendy parka like the one below. Pair it with a sweater, skinny leather pants, and some black boots. Add a beanie and some sunglasses for a more effortless look. These coats are super edgy but also very feminine at the same time! You're bound to turn heads with this coat!

Which coat are you going to try this season?

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