Plain and Simple: How to Wear the White Tee

A white tee is like a blank canvas. Wear it with leggings around campus or with skinny jeans and heels to grab drinks: you can achieve any look you want with your plain white tee. While a designer brand could run you upwards of $50, there’s no need to go broke when Forever 21 and Old Navy can get you there for under $10.

Wearing your plain white tee with a sequin mini skirt and pumps is one of the quickest ways to dress it up. If you pair the look with flashy necklaces and accessories, you’ll be the main event at a party, and no one will suspect you’re wearing just a white tee shirt under all the glam!

The plain white tee is also a very easy look to wear from class to work. If you wear wedges, jean shorts and a white tee to class, all you need is a pair of colored denim jeans or slacks to change into and a blazer, and you’re good to go to the office!

Another choice is to head onto Pinterest and turn your white tee into a craft. Channel your old-school Bedazzler and make a piece of art!

If you want to go way back to the 90s, tie-dye your plain white tee and wear it under a denim jacket. You can buy a tie dye kit at your nearest craft store. Make it more fun and get together with friends for a tie-dye party! Check out these instructions to make your tie-dye tee as successful as possible.

As the fall days and nights get chillier, white tees are essential for underneath oversized cardigans and sweaters. The look works with skinny jeans and flats, or more casually with leggings and heavy boots.
While these are all trendy options, a plain white tee is just that … plain. It’s a classic look with a black cardigan and skinny jeans, or just on its own with shorts. The possibilities are endless!

By: Jordan Schuman | Images: 1, 2, 3

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