Five Websites to Keep You On Budget

College is all about fun ... if you have the funds. As a college student, you usually always find a way to come up with the money to do what you want, but it comes at a price. You forfeit that delicious meal you were going to order or the new shoes you really wanted. Here are the five websites you need to know about to have a good time and avoid making sacrifices.

1. Textbooks

As you know, the beginning of each semester always seems to be the most stressful, especially when it comes to monetary issues. Not only are you paying tuition, but there are organization dues, new bedding and expensive books. While there may not be a solution for the dues, there is one for your books: check out Chegg. Under no circumstance is breaking the bank for books fun, but the less money you spend on your books, the more money you will have left over to contribute to yourself.

2. Travel

If you want to get away for a few days during school breaks, you’re most likely going to need a flight. Airtran U provides discounted flights for students (ages 18-22). The prices range from $69-$120. There’s one minor catch, though: these flights are standby. But Airtran U has a set of rules listed on the website to make your travels as smooth as possible, including recommended days of travel. If you prefer to have your travel plans set in stone, this may not be for you.

3. More travel

Another travel site, Priceline, is unique because you have the option to bid. You can bid on rental cars, flights and hotels. On average, hotel rooms start at a daily rate of $90 per night, but you can bid as low as you desire. Keep in mind that locations such as California or New York may result in higher prices. The worst that can happen is your offer gets declined, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

4. Fun times

You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to use Groupon. Simply subscribe to the site, and it will email you local deals and coupons as they come in. It also allows you to tailor your account to your interests. Groupon has deals on just about everything, including travel, restaurants, spas and fitness.

Tip: Also sign up to receive the latest updates and coupons from your favorite stores and restaurants. Most will send you a coupon simply for joining.

5. Daily budget

As a college student, you probably tend to forget the importance of budgeting. Yet, this is a skill that will make life easier. If you’re no good at keeping track of your finances, let Mint give you a hand. Yes, you have your banking app, but Mint allows you to keep all of your finances in one place, from loans to different banking accounts. Budgeting has never been easier.

Thanks to these helpful websites, you can truly experience affordable fun in college.

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