Single Ladies: 6 Ways to Have Fun This Valentine's Day

Single this year for Valentine's? Don't worry, many fabulous ladies are in the same boat. But that doesn't mean that Valentine's Day should be a sad event! Instead of eating a full Ben & Jerry's and watching a sad chick flick that will inevitably get you down, here are six ways to have a fun Valentine's Day - or at least one that won't leave you in the dumps.

1. Create your own spa night with your single best friends, complete with homemade face masks and chic DIY manicures.

2. Bake and then indulge in something sweet - like these delicious oreo truffles or these molten lava cakes.

3. Watch a scary movie to scare away any Valentines blues away.

4. Reminder yourselves that you might even be better off without a date by reading My Very Worst Date stories.

5. Volunteer! You might not have a Valentines date, but you can give back to those who have it worse.

6. Treat yourself to candles, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a good book.

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