"Don't Be Afraid of Glam": How to Steal Victoria Duffield's Superstar Style

Victoria Duffield loves getting dressed up for live shows and music videos, and when it comes to real life, she likes to stay on trends, too. This pop princess has an extra special reason to be glamming it up though, as her new single “Feel” comes out today, on Valentine’s Day! This self-proclaimed “shopaholic” is all about glitzy accessories, like big earrings, sparkly boots and leather jackets, but Victoria doesn’t want to over do it, either: “I’m into sparkle and glam, but you have to make sure you don’t have too much going on in the outfit.” How does Victoria stay true to this rule? She gets fashion inspiration from whatever is around her. Victoria wants to be unique, but she wants her style to still be fresh and current: “I like looking at pictures of outfits in magazines and on TV and then applying that to what I have in my own wardrobe.” One thing is for sure, this pop princess loves fashion!

Want to learn how to steal Victoria’s glam style for day, evening and weekend? Read on…

Victoria likes to glam it up for school; she loves looking hip and stylish. How does Victoria make amazing outfits? She enjoys taking one piece and building a look around it. For her daytime look, Victoria loves to wear skinny jeans paired with a cool top (think fun patterns and glitter). Heeled boots are a must-have, and for Victoria, an outfit is never complete without a lot of accessories.


When it comes to an evening out Victoria wants to look her very best: “Whatever I would wear it would have that touch of extra glam. I would add more accessories, so it would be more glammed up.” If you want to emulate Victoria’s glamorous look for your next evening out, go for a flirty dress, glitzy high heels and piles of accessories! Want to feel like a real superstar? Spritz on a bit of Victoria’s favorite body spray P.S. I Love You (Bath & Body Works) or her try wearing Victoria’s signature scent Daisy (Marc Jacobs).

Even on weekends, Victoria takes it down a few notches, but she still wants to feel pretty. What will you find her wearing? “I would wear something more casual, but if I am going out somewhere you have to give me time to get ready because I won’t be seen going out wearing just whatever!” Steal Victoria Duffield’s weekend look with a pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings paired with a cute t-shirt or sweet sweater! Finish off the look with amazing shoes and some totally fabulous accessories, naturally!
Read on for an exclusive interview by CG’s Annie Robinson...

How do you categorize your style?
VD: Hip and casual, but jazzed up with a bit of glam!

What is one item of clothing you can’t live without?
VD: A jacket. Whether it is leather or sparkly, having a jacket is important to me.

What are your favorite shops?
VD: Guess and Zara are cool. I also like Diesel. They have edgy-casual clothes. I love getting my shoes and accessories from Aldo and I’m into H&M and Forever 21, too.

What celebrity’s style do you love?
VD: I like Selena Gomez’s style. She has awesome fashion sense. I’m always like ‘yeah, I love that outfit’…from her more casual outfits to her glam dresses to the things she wears in music videos.

If you could create your own designer label, what would you call it?
VD: When my mom is shopping for me she always says ‘that’s very Victoria’ as in, that is something I would wear. From there, I kind of thought of the name ‘Very Victoria.’ It is totally me!

What cut of jeans do you wear the most?
VD: For a normal day I like dark skinny jeans, but when I am performing I want something more hip-hop-y, so something that sits lower on the hips and has a more baggy fit…think boyfriend jeans.

What are your favorite beauty essentials?
VD: Top of the list would be lip gloss. I am constantly re-applying! I also love eyelashes, so even though I wouldn’t wear fake eyelashes to school, (for school I wear mascara) when I am performing I go all out. I also love playing around with different eye shadow colors…I like purples, blues and neutral tones!

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be?
VD: I would be a sparkled boot.

What is your favorite city to shop in?
VD: I have been in Toronto a lot recently and they have great shopping, but I also love shopping in L.A. Whenever I am in Palm Desert I get some great stuff!

What is one saying you like to live by when it comes to fashion & style?
VD: Don’t be afraid of glam!

For more on Victoria Duffield, check out her official website, Facebook and Twitter. Also check out Youtube and iTunes for Victoria Duffield’s brand new single “Feel,” which comes out today - Valentine’s Day!

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Source

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