Campus Beauty: How to Dip Dye Your Tips

Are you looking for an edgy, hip and fashion-forward new hairstyle? Try dip dyeing your tips! Dip dyeing is extremely popular right now, and celebrities from Alexa Chung to Nicki Minaj are all stepping out with rainbow clad locks. Spicing up your tips with a touch of color is surprisingly simpler than it sounds (I promise). Read on to learn how to dip dye your hair yourself in just 10 easy steps!

What You Need:
1 bottle of dye (any color)
1 bottle of white toner
1 pair of gloves
1 tint brush


1. Divide your hair into two to four sections. You might want a friend to help you with this.

2. Take a guess at how much of the bottom of your hair you want to dye. Depending on the length of your hair this could vary. Generally one to two inches looks the best.

3. Pop on your plastic gloves and mix a small amount of your chosen dye with white toner in a small, plastic bowl.

4. Use the tint brush and apply mixture thickly to the area you want to dye (your tips).

5. In the same way, apply your chosen dye to the ends of your hair until it’s just next to the white toner and dye mixture.

6. Use your tint brush to make sure that the toner and dye have united and have been spread evenly throughout the tips of your hair.

7. Rinse the tint brush in lukewarm water.

8. Brush the white toner mixture up (for about an inch) into your natural color.

9. Let sit for five minutes.

10. Rinse the toner and dye out of your hair with warm water, and guess what? You’re done!

By: Annie Robinson | Image: Source

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  1. What brand of white toner is good to use?

  2. There is no such thing as white toner. Toner is something to offset and correct a color. (i am a color specialist) all you would need to do is bleach the ends of your hair, and color them to the desired color, if you want to tone and make blonde, for example, if it is yellow you want a violet toner, orange is a blue based toner, or you can go crazy and do a pink, red, blue. I suggest going to sallys and using manic panic for that.


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