What to Eat to Support your Workout

In society, women are constantly being judged for what they wear, how they look and what they eat. As women, we try to do everything we can to make sure that we look our best, from working out to buying the right clothes. But exercising does not help you if you do not eat the right foods, too.

Most people should not eat a large meal before they exercise. If you do, you will most likely feel uneasy during your workout and want to quit. Eating a small meal or snack before exercising will help keep blood sugars at the right levels to make sure that you make it through your workout.

Good options before an exercise are bananas, a whole grain bagel with peanut butter and/or yogurt. Eating a small snack before you exercise is especially important if you have not had a meal within the past two hours.

Just as important as eating before exercise is stating hydrated. It is necessary for you to not only drink during your workout but also before. It has been said that you should drink at least three cups of water within the two hours before you workout. Stay hydrated by continuing to drink throughout your workout.

After you workout, your body will have worn itself out a bit. It is important to eat something small immediately after you exercise to help your body recover. An apple or other piece of fruit, string cheese, yogurt, peanut butter sandwich and/or nuts are great examples of food to eat after you exercise.

It is important to treat your body properly. That does not mean to over exercise yourself to fit into a specific size. It means exercising to keep your body in good shape but also eating to fuel that body. Eating properly and exercising will help make your body feel good.

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