How to Transition Your Winter Skincare into Summer

Now that finals are over, spring break is long gone, and the cold mornings will no longer ruin your day, it’s time for a change -- a beauty change -- the best kind.

Although summer is our favorite season, we’re heartbroken to admit that it is our least favorite season in terms of beauty consciousness. Now don’t call us vain, but a girl’s gotta look good! Sure, during summertime we can get away with wearing less makeup because the sun has given us a natural glow; but the dirt build up from those hot, sweaty nights at the beach will make our skin more susceptible to blackheads and breakouts.

As much as we love the new product launches and the summer-themed collections from our favorite brands, adjusting is always irksome. The foundation to any beauty transition lies in the magic of your skincare routine. As your bronzer and SPF become your best friend, let your skincare do all the talking with a few additions.

Take note that during the winter season you adapted by using gentler products like a gentle cleanser, and mask treatments to treat any dry patches and dullness. Now it’s time to put those babies in a cool, dark place to prolong shelf life. By adding a few extra goodies like a toner, a lighter moisturizer and deep pore cleansing mask you will prevent extra sebum production.

Dry Skin: For dry skin we love Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Moisturizer ($14.99, Target). The trick for dry skin is to maintain enough moisture.

Combination: Some of you girlies with combination skin tend to sway either to a dryer or oilier side. One thing’s for certain, if you’re not using toner now, start looking for one! A toner can be your panacea for your skin imbalances. Also, don’t forget to switch from a heavy moisturizer to a lightweight one; we like Philosophy’s Take A Deep Breath ($34, To attempt to normalize your skin, never ever forget to use a deep cleansing mask. Any from the Freeman collection ($3.99 each) or cute, travel ones from the Montagne Jeunesse ($1.99 each) collection will do! You can find these babies in any drugstore!

Oily: For an oily complexion we recommend DDF Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew ($35.70, This baby is lightweight and moisturizing enough for those summer days! If you have oily skin, you must not SKIP your toner whatsoever! We love Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4 ($22.50, Clinique).

Acne: We love the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer ($5.99, Walgreen’s). If you’re interested in a new cleanser, we recommend Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Cleanser ($6.49, Target). “This winner has an unblemished record of clearing acne without stripping skin. The clean-rinsing gel, with 2 percent salicylic acid, exfoliates, lifts sebum out of pores, and smells good,” tells dermatologist Ruth Tedaldi to InStyle.

A skincare secret we learned is to apply drying ingredients before bed, such as salicylic acid, retinol, benzoyl peroxide and your moisturizing ingredients during the day. This way in your sleep your skin will work its magic to restore and balance your complexion with a push from your favorite products.

Toss out your heavy foundation, and opt for a tinted moisturizer. Never EVER forget your SPF. A rule of thumb to follow is what you do to your face do to your neck! SPF is applied after your serum, moisturizer, and before your makeup.

As for our bodies, the best thing we could do is SPF all the way! Never forget to apply sunblock on your hands, neck, nape and feet, as these parts age the fastest in our body.

The seasons change, so does your wardrobe; don’t let your skincare routine fall behind ... after all it is our biggest organ!

By: Ivanna Coelloe | Image: Source

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  1. yes, summer is def all about tinted moisturizer! :) I really can't wait to try one of those masks for combination skin

  2. As a woman of color, its defnitey important to take care of my skin. Great choices for skin care!

  3. I have super oily KFC oily and I tried the DDF moisturizer Ivanna recommended. Result: Balanced, supple, and glowing skin, worked like a charm. A bit pricey, but I found this gem for half the price at TJ maxx!


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