4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Summer

Sweet, sweet summertime is finally here, and it is imperative you start creating wise plans. While lounging at the pool for days sipping a cocktail sounds perfect, this summer should be all about the seamless balance between hard work and satisfaction. College Gloss is here to help you with some fantastic (and smart) summer plans.

1. Find an internship. Internships boost your resume and provide you with indispensable work experience to eventually find a career in your desired field. Employers love glancing at a resume with hands-on experience, not just aspirations for the future. Internships give you the great opportunity to network, expand your skills and receive a glowing letter of recommendation for your future job search. College Gloss recently interviewed Lauren Berger, CEO of, and she suggests you pursue an internship through her site or other valuable resources like your university’s career center.

2. Travel abroad. College women who have been fortunate enough to study abroad will tell you it was one of the best decisions of their lives and encourage you to do the same. Most universities offer studying abroad for class credit at a wide selection of foreign destinations. Additionally, financial aid and scholarships are available when needed. This experience completely immerses you in another country’s culture, food and environment. Imagine yourself studying near the Leaning Tower of Pisa for an Italian quiz.

3. Take classes. While staying at home or at your university does not seem as glamorous as jet setting abroad to study, it may be necessary to bunker down and take classes before the fall semester. You should utilize the months to your academic advantage and complete as many credits possible to ameliorate your yearly course load. Summer classes are typically smaller and allow you to better develop relationships with your professors and peers.

4. Study and prepare. If you are looking for an even higher education post undergrad, the summer is the quintessential moment to prepare for your future exams. Purchase a study prep book for your desired field (MCAT, GMAT, GRE, DAT, etc.) and study everyday for at least a few hours. Although it is a tedious task, you will be grateful of your competitive advantage once the fall begins.

Summer is an exciting season, but it should be sensibly spent. You should use this time to improve yourself, grow your professional network and have an incredible time while doing it. Good luck, gal!

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