Internship Advice from the Intern Queen, Lauren Berger

When it comes to internships, Lauren Berger is the queen bee. Berger is an intelligent go-getter and is CEO of her own business, Her website is a valuable resource to high school and college students looking to boost their resum├ęs because not only does the site post the latest internships (based on the student’s major and the employer’s needs), but it also provides useful advice to students about how to enhance interning experiences.

Before graduating in 2006 with a degree in organizational business communications, Berger interned with nationally-acclaimed companies like NBC, MTV, FOX and the Showtime Network. Now, Berger explains to interns that they can do anything if they set their minds to it; every opportunity is a chance for success.

Read on for an exclusive College Gloss interview with Lauren Berger.

Your business-savvy skills not only helped you to complete many internships while studying in college, but they also paved the way for the founding of your successful business, Intern Queen, Inc. Where did the title “Intern Queen” originate from?
LB: It was sort of self-titled because I had completed 15 internships while in college. It was like a joke with my friends that I was like the queen of internships.

What types of internships did you complete while in college (social media, editorial, etc.)?
LB: My internships were more like PR, writing, journalism, marketing, stuff like that. Social media wasn’t as popular when I was interning.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned while interning?
LB: The most valuable lesson I learned was to never take no for an answer, and to put yourself out there, especially when interning. Never give up on anything that you do.

What advice would you give to incoming college freshmen in terms of internships?
LB: To definitely think about internships when you’re young, but to maybe just think about the ones that’d you be interested in doing after your freshman year. Freshman year you should really focus on school and get used to the routine.

What advice would you give to outgoing college seniors about the weight of internships?
LB: That completing internships is important, especially for potential job interviews. You really need them for today’s job market.

You’re very business chic -- where do you draw inspiration from for your sophisticated business looks?
LB: From Pinterest and Instagram and from some of my favorite designers. I always recommend practical, stylish office looks. Great places to check out are Nordstrom, Forever 21, Express, Limited and Macy’s. You should work with your wardrobe. Take your wardrobe as seriously as your work because its job is to complement you.

You’ve spoken all across the country at different college campuses and on television shows about your company and your internship experiences. What was your most memorable appearance?
LB: My most memorable appearance was on The Today Show because it’s huge, and Ann Curry interviewed me, which was extremely exciting. Also, they showed my family outside on TV, but it was funny because when they said it was my mom, the camera was actually on my aunt. My wish, though, is to be on The View.

What message do you always try to get across to your audiences?
LB: To be fearless. Not in the sense that you’re a superhero but to just be fearless. You’re going to be rejected, but keep pushing forward. Always remain fearless.

You’re also a published author of “All Work, No Pay.” When did you first think of publishing a sort of internship guide book?
LB: In 2006. It was on the brain for a long time, and at first, I got a lot of no’s. So, I decided to build up my platform before going for it again. As a young entrepreneur, rejection doesn’t mean never, it just means not now. You know, as one door closes, another one opens. Never give up! And now, I have a book published, and I’m working on a potential second book.

Your clothing line, Internal Ethiks, for your company is both cute and fun. Do you see any further expansions of your line? In what other ways would you like to further brand Intern Queen, Inc.?
LB: It’s not a focus right now, instead I’m focusing on giving entry-level career advice and to just continue helping students with career advice. But right now for Internal Ethiks we have “Keep Calm and Intern On” tees that are really popular on the Intern Queen site.

Lauren Berger is a smart and savvy internship expert, and she has offered valuable tips and tricks to college students, from how to complete a sophisticated business look, like on her Pinterest page, where there are a lot of stylish DIY’s and tutorials, to why it is critical to look at every internship opportunity as a resume and skills builder.

She is a great example of a student who mastered the balance between class, internships and extracurricular activities throughout her undergraduate career. College Gloss admires Lauren Berger’s gumption and passion for helping others -- she truly is the Intern Queen!

By: Mallory Feeney | Image: Source

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