5 Essential Items to Keep in Your Purse

Purses -- from petite clutches to roomy totes -- can deliver a flare to an outfit. Not only can they provide a fashionable final touch, but they can also serve a more practical function as a spot for the day’s essential beauty items. Purses can be a catchall for all sorts of items, but for the girl who wants to cut down on clutter without without forgetting any necessities, this list is key.

1. The Fashion Emergency Kit
Okay, so the Fashion Emergency Kit isn’t exactly one item, but it’s still important to pack. Weather the problem is a broken zipper or a runaway button that needs to be replaced, the kit is a must have to save any College Gloss girl from a fashion emergency. The small box fits in most bags. It contains an instant button, hair band, nail file and more.

2. Small perfume or body mist
For those constantly on-the-go days a quick pick-me-up of a small spritz of perfume always does the trick. Burberry Body perfume smells floral and clean, which is perfect for daytime or nighttime, and at $8.49 this is a deal too good to miss.

3. Cash
Even though we are in a digital world where a debit or credit card tends to be the tender of choice, it is still smart to carry cash. There’s no need carry a roll of cash, $20 will do. This backup fund will help when plastic isn’t practical like when splitting the bill on girls night out or tipping. Also, it’s important to pack in case there is a malfunction with the card and it doesn’t work.

4. EOS Lip Balm
Don’t forget to pack this essential because there simply is no replacement for chapstick when dry lips start to hurt, and no matter the season, lips may become chapped. This lemon-flavored lip balm is the perfect solution. The lightweight formula soothes cracked lips without being sticky. Best of all, it has SPF 15 to prevent sunburn.

5. Antibacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion
Essence of Beauty Antibacterial Moisturizing hand lotion is a perfect space saver because for its multiple functions. Unlike most antibacterial sanitizers this product not only kills 99.99 percent of germs, it also softens hands while leaving the light scent of sun blossom.

Whatever problems arise throughout the day, whether it is an unsightly scuff mark on shoes or chapped lips, the items on this list are sure to help keep you fresh, fabulous and ready to take on the next challenge.

By: Darcy Trauger | Image: Source

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