12 Things to Do When You Turn 21

As a girl, there are many ages that society places emphasis on -- 13, 16, 18 and of course... 21! Because, let’s face it, although 18 is officially legal, there are still many restrictions for the next three years to come. So College Gloss has put together a list of things that one can do to get the full 21 experience, starting from day one and continuing until they’ve all been completed on day 365. From partying to everyday life, here is the official CG 21st birthday bucket list.

1. Buy a drink. Even if it goes to waste, buy it for the simple fact that it’s an option. Just be sure to remember your new license, then display it with confidence.

2. Party in a city that values the grand age of 21. There’s a lot of making up to do for all the spring breaks that were missed out on due to age. Book a spontaneous flight to Miami or Vegas and have a great time. Or, to avoid the cliché, try heading to an exotic location on a cruise ship.

3. Invest in the future by opening a savings account. If you don’t already pinch off a portion of income for savings, it’s the time to begin. Open a savings account and put 10 to 15 percent (at the very least, is recommended by financial planners) of each month’s check in a retirement or “rainy day” account. For those who do have an established savings account, consider making investments. An investment at this age is low risk because there’s time to make the money back.

4. Refresh your list of goals. With age comes wisdom, so use that wisdom to improve upon this year’s goals and make them better than the last year’s.

5. Be adventurous. Try something outside of the box like white water rafting or skydiving.

6. Give back by volunteering, whether its with Habitat for Humanity or the church group volunteering.

7. Go to a popular lounge or bar or both. At 18, the club scene only ends with being pushed up against by lots of sweaty people trying to dance all night. That gets old quickly while waiting to turn 21. As ladies, we want to go out, get dolled up, without the overcrowded atmosphere of a dance club; with an older crowd of people, there is less chaos in the atmosphere.

8. Get your girls and go to happy hour. Yet another cliché but definitely something one must partake in at the budding age of 21. On a Friday after those exhausting classes, blow off some steam at a favorite local restaurant.

9. Reflect. Everyday is unique, and although there will always be memories to look back on, consider beginning a journal or blog to go back and recap on the past, maybe even providing perspective on the future.

10. Plan a pick-up-and-go road trip. There’s nothing like a classic road trip, get in the car and drive across the country sometime over the summer. Stop off at historical landmarks and take lots of pictures. Why? Because most traveling necessities, such as booking a hotel room, require a minimum age of 21, while the age of renting a car requires travelers to be anywhere from 18-24, depending on location.

11. See a comedy show. It may seem a bit strange that there’s an age limit for entering comedy clubs, nonetheless, there is. Go have a laugh, now that you can make it past the front door.

12. Learn to mix drinks. Turn things up with a mixology 101 class; stray away from the average girls night out and learn how to make drinks for the next girls night indoors. The price varies per location, but it’s something worth looking into.

Now that the long-anticipated birthday has arrived, don’t let the new opportunities go to waste. Celebrate your 21st birthday with each new adventure the year brings, following these suggestions. After all, there’s so much living to do in only one lifetime.

By: Kiarra Sylvester | Image: Source

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