6 Essentials for Parisian Style

Paris is famous for it's romantic sights, outdoor cafes, and its stylish women. The women there are said to be impeccably dressed at all times, with chic yet timeless and elegant outfits. No need to worry if you don’t live in Paris or if you haven’t even visited — you can still achieve their sophisticated style with these essential items in your wardrobe:

1. Striped shirt

A simple striped shirt like this one can be the base of a number of stylish outfits. It's effortlessly cool and keeps its traditional vibe with the black and white design. 

2. Classic trench coat

A timeless trench coat is a must-have in any girl's closet. This classic trench coat is the a basic item when trying to re-create the famous Parisian chic style. It has a traditional tailored feel (a must) and is functional in rainy or cold days. 

3. Cat-eye sunglasses

Nothing says Paris more than a pair of classic cat-eye sunglasses. While any pair will do, checking out this pair under $10 from Amazon will get you the look without a steep price, a bonus if you're just trying the cat-eye look out for the first time.

4. Scarves

Light scarves are a absolute necessity for this look! Scarves can be paired with any kind of outfit, from dresses to blazers. This flamingo scarf  is a favorite.

5. Pointed pumps

Pointed pumps are another essential when it comes to the Parisian wardrobe. Available pretty much at any shoe store, your basic black pumps will take you from work to play. Go for a more daring color if you want to stand out.

6. Your favorite scent

The last touch to a Parisian outfit is a spritz of your favorite scent. While we love Miss Dior, go with whatever scent is your current favorite.

Do you like the Parisian chic look? 

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