Meeting His Friends: The Right Way To Do It

There comes a point in every relationship where the dreaded fear of meeting the boyfriend’s friends becomes a reality. While the thought of it may seem intimidating at first, it does not have to be a traumatic event. With each personality, there is a different situation that can make the interaction as comfortable as possible.

The Introvert
As the shy, thoughtful type, meeting his friends could be extremely nerve-racking. To make the introduction as smooth as possible, meet at a local cafe or have a movie night at his dorm where you can bring girlfriends for support. While being in a public setting serves as a less intimate setting for really getting to know his pals, having friends present will ease any nerves and provide a quick getaway if the situation becomes uncomfortable. Spark the conversation with a neutral topic, such as school or local sports teams. Don’t be afraid to share an opinion.

The In-betweener
Having a mixed personality should make meeting his friends an exciting time! Get together at a recreational activity, such as trivia night or a game of basketball in the campus gym. These events mix intimate interaction with a fun distraction. Casually mingle with his friends. If the conversation doesn’t flow smoothly, the activity will provide the perfect go-to subject: the game.

The Extrovert
For those who love to meet new people, meeting his friends should be a long-awaited event! Go for a more intimate setting, like a small get-together with some of his friends. Not knowing any of his friends or other people at the party will present the opportunity to more intimately connect with his friends. Initiate a fun group game or karaoke -- there is no better way to be noticed than to become the life of the party. If up to the challenge, make an effort to personally get to know his close girlfriends; while it may seem intimidating at first, this bold move is a way to get noticed.

Regardless of personality, meeting his friends is a positive step in any relationship. Getting to know his friends will provide insight to your boyfriend on a different level and will provide more opportunities to hangout. Stay true to one’s self, keep an open mind and enjoy the experience.

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