3 Ways to Be Successful in Your Future Career

Thrive with the essential element of inspiration! Inspiration blossoms in a variety of forms and challenges individuals to learn, grow, create and broaden horizons to achieve greatness. It flourishes into every aspect of life and helps with academic and career goals.

Follow these three simple tips to become energized, revitalized and successful in your dream career path.

1. Surround yourself with inspiration. Find friends who you wish to emulate and distance yourself from individuals who are not the best influence. Listen to music that inspires, captivates and fills you with a flowerbed of ideas. Follow your professional heroes on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram -- read their books and study the decisions that propelled them toward achievement.

2. Contact successful individuals and learn. Get in touch with family, friends, professors and anyone else you admire professionally in your community. Most people would love to serve as a mentor and guide college women through the tumultuous internship-seeking or career-finding process. Do not be afraid to seek out these gurus, ask questions and simultaneously observe and imitate their habits.

3. Create a blog and fill it with your passions and hobbies. There are several blog websites with hundreds of visually pleasing templates, all for free. As always when online, maintain a professional tone and promote yourself as a fascinating, well-rounded woman beyond the world of academia. This provides possible employers with a more human touch than just a glossy, black and white resume.

We know these tips will inspire and motivate you to succeed -- good luck!

By: Claire Walton | Image: Source

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