Internship Prep: 4 Ways to Get Your Resume Ready

As independent and informed college women, it is imperative to always have a current resume handy for any occasion. Imagine you casually meet a business executive who just happens to be searching for an office intern or entry-level position you are interested in. You better be ready to shoot him or her your perfect resume within a few hours of meeting or else, POOF, that opportunity is out the window.

Follow these four simple tips to build, improve and impress possible employers into hiring the best candidate on the market (you).

1. One of the most important tools you are privy to is your university’s resources, particularly the career center. The career center is a goldmine filled with gems like hundreds of pamphlets, job-search-tutorials and helpful individuals excited to critique and refine resumes. They have helped countless students and know how to transform a lackluster resume into an engaging, compelling story of past achievements and experiences.

2. To stand out amidst the flood of resumes, yours should be tailored to the specific job, while maintaining honesty. If you are applying for a job in the finance world, slightly alter a job description to create a perfect match between your experience and the position desired. Use specifics like numbers, statistics and facts to further emphasize your qualifications and convey how you will benefit the company.

3. Be a modern day Renaissance woman. If you are an Information Technology major, it is assumed you excel in mathematics and computer skills. The key is to emphasize another area you shine in. For example, describe your writing and oral speaking experience in addition to your clearly-understood abilities to create a better-rounded candidate.

4. Edit, edit, edit. Go beyond university resources, and send your resume to trusted individuals like friends, family and even professors for their helpful feedback. Each person will most likely have a unique suggestion or attention-to-detail you failed to find. The final resume should be the product of multiple rough drafts with the most important skills, awards and achievements listed first.

We know these four tips will help transform your resume into an edited, captivating story of your successes and help you attain your dream career path.

By: Claire Walton | Image: Source

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