Best of Beauty: Teeth Whiteners For A Hollywood Smile

One thing that makes any outfit look ten times more fabulous: a beautiful smile that showcases pearly whites!Getting the pristine, white teeth seen on celebrities may seem difficult, but it’s not out of reach! There are dozens of teeth whitening options available, from expensive whitening treatments through your dentist, to quick and affordable DIY procedures.

Crest White Strips are one of the best-known whitening systems on the market. Crest offers a variety of ways to go white, from express packages that only take a few minutes to more advanced 24-hour kits. Crest Whitestrips are available at most drug stores and, most importantly, are affordable for college girls.

iWhite whitening kits are another fantastic option for college girls looking to freshen up their teeth. iWhite products leave teeth up to eight shades lighter and remove stains, all while strengthening teeth! All iWhite kits are hydrogen-peroxide-free, which means they won’t cause nasty damage to your teeth, rather just instantly give them a light and sparkly glow.

If you’re a little freaked out by the idea of buying a teeth whitening kit and are worried you won’t have the time to devote to giving your teeth the treatment they need, Listerine’s Whitening Strips are the perfect option! These super cheap strips quickly dissolve in your mouth, leaving your breath fresh, and working to lighten the color of your teeth. These strips are less intimidating than the intense whitening kits, plus they can easily fit into your busy college lifestyle (just pop one in while walking to class or strolling across campus).

These three trustworthy and reputable teeth whitening systems are all amazing options for college girls looking to brighten up their already beautiful smiles! Have you been considering whitening your teeth lately? Would you use one of the above whitening kits on your teeth? Leave a comment below or tweet @CollegeGloss to let us know your thoughts on whitening your teeth in college!

By: Annie Robinson | Images: 1, 2

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