5 Best Websites For Jewelry Under $20

As Marilyn Monroe famously said: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Unfortunately, most college students do not get the luxury of wearing diamonds to class. But it is possible to find affordable jewelry that only looks like a million bucks and will have everyone asking: “Where did you get that?!”

1. Fred Flare
This website is a fantastic find for everything from cheeseburger phones to giant gummy bears on a stick. In addition to whimsical items, the website also offers unique jewelry with the average price around $15. Top Pick: Crystal Cave Rock Ring.

2. Forever21
Forever21 is truly a store for everyone. Forever21 always has an array of items for each style, whether it’s preppy, vintage or rocker chic. The website also offers a vast variety of low-cost jewelry. Top Pick: Opaque Bead Necklace.

3. Etsy
The year 2005 not only gave the world a view of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch to express his love for Katie Holmes -- it was also the year Etsy was founded. And while TomKat did not survive the years, Etsy is still going strong. One-of-a-kind, handmade and vintage jewelry can all be purchased on the site. Top Pick: Anchor Cuff Bracelet.

4. Diva
Originally exclusive to Australia, Diva became so popular that they decided to offer their incredible jewelry to over 20 countries. The site categorizes the jewelry (the majority of which is under $20) by themed collections and has excellent customer service ratings. Top Pick: Geometric Drop Earrings.

5. GoFavor
Hands down, the best part of GoFavor is the “Daily Madness” sale, which offers items at ridiculously low prices -- up to 96% off! With additional savings from free shipping on orders totaling over $15, GoFavor is an essential website for savings. Top Pick: Vintage Bird Nest Cocktail Ring.

The best part about jewelry is that it is so versatile, ranging from a simple floral ring to a spiked statement necklace. Jewelry, when paired with a fierce outfit, can make anyone feel fabulous, and it’s even better when it was a steal!

By: Darcy Trauger | Image: Source

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