7 Essentials for a Valentine’s Day Girls’ Night In

Perk up ladies! Valentine’s Day is no longer just about the Godiva chocolates, red and white roses or the classic “Be Mine” embroidered teddy bears. When February 14 rolls around each year, it seems as if guys and gals are pairing up all around. But Valentine’s Day is so much more than having that one special someone to share it with. Grab the girls and get ready for an evening of friendship, gratitude, and most importantly, fun!

1) Organize a Secret Admirers Gifting Sesh
Like a Secret Santa, draw names out of a hat and then exchange gifts! Keep the gifts under $25 or even check out Pinterest for a DIY project. Now everyone has a Valentine! 

2) Bring on the Fun and Flirty Lingerie
It’s the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show right in the living room with all your girls! Have fun while dancing and strutting down the hallway in the cutest lingerie. Let loose and rock out!

3) Shake it Up a Notch
Embrace your inner "Sex and the City" and sip on a virgin Cosmopolitan! Williams-Sonoma has a great recipe that includes cranberry, tangerine and lime juices with a dash of a lime zest twist for decoration. Get the party going with a taste of this fun and easy-to-make drink! Or, if you’re of age, mix up some margaritas or pina coladas. 

4) Chocolate Fondue
Don’t forget about the chocolate; it is Valentine’s Day after all! Fondue is definitely making a comeback, whether cheese fondue or our all-time favorite: chocolate fondue. With an easy-to-make recipe, courtesy of Rachael Ray, there is no excuse not to start gathering up the whipping cream and chocolate. Try dipping mouth-watering strawberries, sliced bananas and even a pretzel stick for that sweet and salty mix!

5) Tears from Laughter
It’s not a girls’ night in without a few romantic comedies! Kick off the evening with a Julia Roberts classic, "Pretty Woman." Don’t forget about the movie we can quote in our sleep: "10 Things I Hate About You," starring bad boy Heath Ledger. Now, kick back those heels and laugh until it hurts while watching Anna Faris find that lucky number 20 in "What’s Your Number?" 

6) Time to Pamper
We all love going to the spa and getting a nice, relaxing facial; now do it at home with the girls! DailyCandy includes 14 facial and hair masks that are simply made from various food items just lying around the house! Check out the Avocado and Lemon Mask, and sit back and relax. Let the mask soak in for 15 to 20 minutes while catching up with the girls!

7) The Golden Rule
Sing, dance, laugh or cry; we never kiss and tell on a girls’ night in!

There is no need to panic if you don’t have a Valentine. You now have no excuse to stay home alone with a box of tissues and sappy love movies. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, call up the gang and start planning!

By: Sarah Mattoon | Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

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