4 Inexpensive Date Ideas

Dating in college can be difficult for several reasons: lack of transportation, money and/or living arrangements. Nonetheless, no one wants to be cooped up indoors due to lack of funds. College Gloss is here to help with some date ideas that are not only fun, but inexpensive.

1. Amusement parks and carnivals
During the summer months, you may want to consider activities such as amusement parks, carnivals and go-cart racing. You can’t go wrong, because no matter how many times you go, it’s still tons of fun. Not only that, but these dates will allow you and your guy to do things with your friends (or a group date), as well.

2. Paintball or laser tag
For the fall and spring, activities like paintball and laser tag are a blast. They’re also great because your guy gets to see you in a different light. You can also be one of the guys sometimes.

3. Baking cookies or cooking
There are the winter months where you can’t do much outdoors. Winter is a great time to spend time baking cookies together or cooking dinner for each other. Need recipe ideas? Here are three easy meals to make on date night!

4. Rent a movie
For a casual date at home, rent movies from Redbox instead of going to the theater.

The most expensive date is definitely not always the most fun. Just getting out (or staying in sometimes) and spending quality time together is what it’s all about.

By: Kiarra Sylvester | Image: Source

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