Study Abroad: Europe's Best College-Friendly Getaways

It’s almost winter break, time for much-needed rest and relaxation for busy college girls everywhere. Maybe you’ve been studying in London or you’re finishing up research in Italy. Either way, you should take advantage of travel opportunities while in Europe. Take a look at a few of these budget-friendly ideas.

The hardest part of a European trip is getting there. With flights and hotel reservations on student budgets, it can be hard to determine how to get the most bang for your buck.

The best places to find deals are on websites that allow you to set up a fare watcher. These sites keep track of your planned itinerary and find the best deals for you! Try Last Minute or Travelocity to find awesome flight deals.

London and Paris

If you’ve always wanted to see London and Paris, you can! First, head to the United Kingdom to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of London. You can see the national art gallery, the London zoo and take your time browsing through all the shops in Soho. Once you’re finished in London, jump on the train, pass through the channel and experience the romance of Paris. Try the truly delicious bread and pastries, visit the many high end boutiques and shops, take a spa day and of course drop in to the Louvre scope out the ever-enchanting Mona Lisa.

Train tickets from London to Paris cost between $25-65. Check Eurostar once you get to London to book your trip and get the best deal!


For the club-goer, Ibiza is the perfect location to get lost in the music and party hard. Ibiza is world famous for its clubbing scene. Low Cost Holiday is your best bet at finding a good deal.

Rome and Pompeii

Get lost in one of the most legendary cities on earth. Book a trip to Rome and then take a day tour to see the infamous city of Pompeii. Rome will offer you the allure of the past as well as some delicious food. Take a stroll down the city streets to people watch, spend your weekends in the markets and when you’ve tired of relaxing, take an exciting trip to the countryside! Train tickets cost between $30 and $300.

No matter where you end up traveling during your breaks there is always something new and exciting to experience!

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