Ten Things That Will Keep Negativity Out of Your Life

As a college girl, you’re bound to run into some negativity as well as some not-so-nice competitive situations whether it is in school or the workplace. We’ve all been there once or twice and surely have felt defeated or even discouraged. We, hardworking girls, can beat the blues, no matter if it’s work or school that’s getting us down. Here are ten surefire ways to turn that negativity into positivity.

1. Create an inspiration board.

Search online and rummage through your collection of magazines. Cut out words, pictures and phrases, articles … anything that inspires you. Get a big poster board, a glue stick and scissors and voila, you have an inspiration board! When you’re feeling down, just look at the collage to guide you and keep you inspired. Be sure post the board somewhere that you can easily view it whenever you need that quick pick-me-up.

2. Decorate a yoga mat and meditate.

Whether it’s from Lululemon or Target, every girl loves a good yoga mat, and they often involve good meditation sessions. Grab a yoga mat and decorate it with sayings that inspire you. Sharpie is more realistic than paint, and this idea can get sticky if you’re participating in hot yoga. Regardless, the thoughts written on your mat should inspire you to be Zen and embrace positivity!

3. Write inspirational song lyrics on post-its and put them around your room in places where you know you’ll always look.

A lot of people have a go-to song to inspire them when they’re feeling down (I know I do!). If you have a go-to song, write your favorite lines on post-its and put them on your mirrors, your desk and your closet -- anywhere! If you don’t have a go-to song, look up a new inspirational song.

4. Treat yourself at least once a week.

Whether it’s an ice cream cone, a Chipotle burrito bowl or small shopping spree, just know you deserve it! Find a reason to treat yourself once a week, whether it’s for an A you got on a paper or just because!

5. Keep a "grateful book."

Find a blank notebook or notepad and at the end of each day, make a list of everything you’re grateful for. No matter how hard and long your day is, take time to be thankful.

6. Drink coffee and reflect on your day.

Take the time to stop at a coffee shop or even brew yourself a cup of coffee at home. Breathe in and let yourself enjoy some quiet time while reflecting on the day that awaits you. Tea works, too, if you're not a coffee drinker.

7. Take 10 minutes every morning to make goals for yourself. 

Whether you make a list on a notepad, a post-it or on your phone, make goals for yourself and make sure to complete a certain number of them. Not only will this increase positivity, but it will increase productivity as well.

8. Take 10-15 minutes a day to call a friend or family member.

It is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and let your relationships slip through the cracks. Taking a few minutes to call up an old friend or family member who is guaranteed to make you laugh is bound to add a little happiness and light to your day.

9. Decorate your planner when dates that you’re excited about pop up.

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, a birthday, a date or an event, decorate your planner if you’re excited! Grab a pack of markers and some stickers. Getting excited about the occasion will only make it more fun when it rolls around!

10. Find a way to fit working out into your schedule. 

Sometimes, the best way to create positivity is to take yourself out of the loud, crazy, technology-filled world and zone out in the gym or in nature.

Hopefully, the next time you’re feeling down, try one of these ten positivity-proof ideas, and kick the negativity out of your life for good.

Don’t forget to sound off below and tell us about your favorite ways to keep negativity out of your life.

By: Ali Benveniste | Image: Source

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