Closet Must Have: The Oxford Button-Down Shirt

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. So there’s no question as to why menswear trends have been making their way into women’s department stores and fashion blogs for some time now.

One particular trend, the oxford button-down shirt, is a classic go-to choice for a modern-day professional woman. The look was made popular among girls imitating Tom Cruise in "Risky Business," or their dads when they got home from work. In the movie, Cruise’s character, Joel, is left home alone by his parents with strict instructions not to touch the stereo system. But when Joel’s friend convinces him to do otherwise, he plays the stereo loudly and dances around in his underwear, socks and a pink button-down oxford the first night his parents are gone.

At fraternity parties, girls revive the look in their own oxfords and tighty whiteys, but it’s a popular choice for everyday wear as well. The crisp and polished piece creates a simple and effortless look for a lady on the go, and she won’t have to sacrifice style for speed.

With colored denim and leggings as one of the most popular choices for fall, oxfords complete the look flawlessly. It’s a slightly preppy trend, but can be as casual as it is professional. Oxford shirts come in many patterns and solids, and the variety makes them even more wearable.

White jeans look great paired with pinstripe button-downs, and all oxfords appear effortlessly polished paired with pearls and worn under a blazer. Add heels and pencil skirt, and you can walk right into an interview looking put together yet trendy, and leave with a new job!

Oxfords are easier to find than ever; many stores highlight them as the “boyfriend” or “favorite” shirt, such as at Gap and Macy’s. They’re in season this fall and are perfect for layering or to pair with bold colors and statement jewelry. So enjoy a brisk day in the park with an oxford and a sweater, and prepare to be complimented on your look!

By: Jordan Schuman | Image: Source

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