Study Abroad: How to Find New Girlfriends Abroad

The number one problem most of my newly abroad friends have isn’t loving the architecture, enjoying the delicious food or even getting lost in the fabulous shops ... it’s making local girlfriends. British women seem to be in a whole different world: great fashion, an awesome accent and a pick of the greatest restaurants and nightlife the world has to offer. Making British friends can be tricky, especially with girls.

1. Use an online forum
Join Meetup or CitySocialising and find groups for women that target your hobbies. Since moving to London, I’ve joined these websites and have found wonderful girlfriends by simply attending events. There are groups dedicated to book clubs, going out on the town, vacationing abroad and simple movie events! It’s all directed at your personal taste. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining in.

2. Avoid tourist hot spots.
The best way to meet local girlies is to completely avoid local events, hotspots and venues. Tourist areas may be hopping, but they are hopping with fellow tourists!

3. Go out after work.
Unsurprisingly, your local watering hole is one of the best social gathering places in the U.K. Scope out which pub has the “younger” crowd and stop in after the closing bell. Pubs are relaxed and you’re sure to meet someone while you’re there! If there’s football (soccer for us North Americans); you’ll be sure to meet even more people.

4. Talk to people while you’re out!
I recently met a really good girlfriend simply by telling her I was Canadian while in line at McDonald’s! The surprising thing about chicks in their 20s is that they are fairly open and eager to meet people that are cool and easy going. Most are happy to welcome someone new into their group of friends.

No matter how you choose to find local girlies, remember that if you feel like you’re out of your comfort zone then you’re doing something right! Making friends is never easy, but you can do it!

By: Danielle Mair | Image: Source

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