Designer Diaries: Meet Fatima Bocoum

Twenty-four-year-old up-and-coming fashion designer Fatima Bocoum has loved fashion and design since she was a young girl and is so excited to share her amazing clothing label Bocoum with the world! In Fatima’s words, “Bocoum is sexy, and sophisticated ... in a bold way. Bocoum is for women who really dare to be different.” Here at CG, we couldn’t agree more!

Bocoum is a growing clothing line that currently includes custom-made garments and edgy couture-inspired swimwear. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t wear fashion-forward bathing suits ... after all, that’s what Fatima does: “I wear the pieces with some jeans and heels ... and nobody notices it. Our bathing suits could be worn on completely different occasions: at the beach, pool parties ... with jeans or skirts … Fashion is a way to express oneself; therefore, dare!”

Fatima’s lifelong passion for fashion is clear in her unique designs. “My interest for fashion started around eight years old when I would go shopping for fabrics with my mother for hours ... then, I would design my clothes and have them custom made!” After Fatima Bocoum fell in love with fabric shopping she knew there was no other career for her than one in the fashion industry. However, while Fatima Bocoum loves designing and is excited about taking her career to new heights, she also recognizes that being a new designer is tough work, which is why she is always keen to take advice from people who want to help her succeed.

If you’re an aspiring designer, Fatima shares some words of wisdom: “It is definitely not easy, and it requires a lot of sacrifices as well as patience and planning. So, take your time ... make sure that you understand how the industry works.”

Fatima Bocoum is a promising young designer who is working hard to build a trendy clothing line that CG is confident will take off! Bocoum’s clothing is great for college girls because “every piece is a must have, [and] they are so different.”

Looking to get in on the Bocoum fabulousness? Place a special order on the official website or send an email to to start creating your dream piece.

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Source

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