CG’s Exclusive Interview with Canadian Singer Aleesia

If there is one thing Canadian singer Aleesia is passionate about, it’s music. The twenty-something singer and dancer released her debut album “Girl Talk” last spring and has been working hard to build her career through a Canadian tour, more singles and big future goals! For Aleesia, making her debut album was a lot of work, but she enjoyed every aspect of the project from co-writing songs to recording music videos. “It was a long work in progress (I was at it for nearly two years), but I am so proud of it. It’s a pop-dance infusion and a mash up of a whole bunch of up-tempo songs! This album is my diary ... it is a compilation of my personal and musical experience of the past couple years.”

The 13-track album is available for $9.99 on iTunes and is one purchase you definitely won’t regret! All of the songs on the album are fun, relatable and danceable, and each tune is more exciting than the last!

One of the things that makes “Girl Talk” such a great album is the passion that each song is filled with! Right from Track 1, it is clear that Aleesia is a young woman who loves what she is doing and wants to do it to the best of her ability.

The truth is, Aleesia loves the industry she is in and she’s not shy about it: “I get to do what I am absolutely in love with every single day, and I have been able to turn my passion into a career! This industry is amazing!” It’s great to see a young up-and-coming pop star with such a passion for music and hunger for success!

Aleesia is a fabulous artist with a debut album definitely worth adding to your music library! This pop princess loves what she is doing, and she is not going to stop until she makes it to the top. Want to learn more about this incredible young songstress? Read on for CG’s exclusive interview with Aleesia herself...

What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: I love spending time with my close friends and family. It is great to have downtime to chill out with people you love the most. I’m also a big baker ... I’m always making cupcakes and decorating them with cute toppings. Lastly, I’m really big on studding my clothing and embellishing my clothing with chains, studs and spikes to make them one of a kind!

What is your first memory of music?
A: When I was either two or three I went to see the musical “Show Boat” and I got the CD soundtrack from the production. I can remember going into my parent’s bedroom and performing the songs in the mirror and working on memorizing all the lyrics. All of the songs were so much fun to perform!

Who are your musical inspirations?
A: Beyonce ... I think she is such a captivating artist. I also really love Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson has always been a huge influence!

What’s the best part of the music industry?
A: I get to do what I am absolutely in love with every single day, and I have been able to turn my passion into a career! It is also amazing to connect with so many talented people on a day-to-day basis ... such a wonderful learning experience!

How long have you been song writing?
A: I started writing songs about four years ago ... it was my last year of high school when I really started to get serious with my music and tried to explore the different techniques. I’ve been working with different writers and producers, trying to hone in on [song writing], and it has been an amazing experience!

Where do you get your song writing inspiration?
A: Life experience! I tend to write about things I’ve been through and tend to write when I am dealing with an extreme feeling or emotion or contemplating something.

Do you have a favorite song on the album?
A: I have a personal connection with each song, but right now I love Track 3, “Heart Beat.”

What was it like the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio?
A: Oh my gosh, I’ll never forget it! My phone rang and it was one of my best friends telling me she had heard my song played and I was hearing it through her phone. It was crazy, but I was still waiting for that unexpected moment when I heard my song come on. I was at home with my family (the radio was on) and I was excitedly listening to see if my tune would air again. When it came on I had a big dance party in my living room. It was unbelievably thrilling and I don’t think it will ever get old.

What did you want the overall message of the album to be?
A: I want my music to be relatable and danceable ... you have to be able to groove to my tunes!

You have extensive dance training ... how has this helped you in your music career?
A: It has helped so much! Being a dancer (jazz and contemporary are my favorites, but I have trained in ballet, pointe, hip-hop, acro, lyrical, tap ... everything!) from a young age, I was exposed to so many different types of music that helped a lot with my musical knowledge. I have an excellent sense of rhythm, and I’d never perform a song I couldn’t dance to! Dance inspires me in the studio all the time! It has helped me so much in my stage performance and my videos, which is great!

What’s the best part of making music videos?
A: Being able to creatively put a visual to what you wrote in the studio! Listening to a song is one thing, but putting a visual to that is an extremely creative process, which is always very, very fun!

When you write music do you think about what you want the video to be like?
A: Of course! I think a video is such an important aspect to a song, so I always need to think of the lyrics and the visual.

What are your future goals?
A: I want my music to become international ... I want to share my music with the world! I want to keep writing, keep producing and keep releasing different albums and growing in the process!

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By: Annie Robinson | Images: Aleesia Music

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