You Have His Number: Now What?

We all know the familiar feeling of that first text to your crush. The butterflies, the time you spend crafting the perfect message—even when it’s just saying hi—and throwing the phone away in suspense as soon as you hit send. Talk about a crazy, life experience, right?

I’m sure it sounds familiar, but whenever the new guy pops up on your cell phone screen, you freeze. You have to realize that communication through texting won’t be all that will help you win him over. You have to actually—gasp—talk in person. But first, learn how to flirt your way through text to win this stud over.

Use your first initial response:

When you get a reply from him, reply normally. Don’t spend ten minutes going over your response or second guess it. Most of the time, your initial response will be enough to keep the conversation going, and it will let him see more of the real you, not the crafted you.

Don’t say things in text that you wouldn’t say in person:

We all either experienced or heard about those guys who say the most obscene things in text, but then as soon as you see them in person, they don’t say a peep. What you need to do is avoid anything that he could use against you later, or alter his impression of you. Use texting for flirting, but don’t go overboard.

Arrange to actually hang out and talk in person:

You can’t text forever. Eventually, you and this guy will actually have to stop hiding behind your phones, and speak face to face. Still shaking in your boots? Just don’t sweat it, if you two can flow conversation in text, then you should be able to manage a conversation in public. Just be confident and relaxed, he’ll follow.

Don’t reply right away: 

Guys like a little mystery. If you’re responding at the speed of lightening, he will probably get bored, and see you as too easy to get. Give him a chase by taking your time to respond to his message. Obviously, don’t make him wait hours, but wait at least five to ten minutes. This way, he’ll probably check his phone and wonder why you’re not replying, then the thought-process of curiosity begins.

Don’t use over excessive language or emotions: 

No one likes a person who’s excessively hyper all the time. And so, the same goes for texting. When you’re sending a message, don’t be completely over excessive like: “OMG, HI! How are you?!?!!!!?” Obviously, most of us know texting etiquette, but sometimes, messages like those, can get sent. Go easy on the caps, exclamation marks and emotions. Save all that pent up energy for when you actually meet this guy in person. But then again, don’t get too crazy…

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