Sexual Health: Everything You Wanted to Know About... Toys with Your Partner

Warning: The content of this post is NSFW (not safe for work.) 

Let's be blunt: you might have your own trusty toy on hand for some solo time, but introducing them into your relationship can be a little daunting. If you and your partner have never experimented with toys before, you might feel a little unsure about how to make it happen. But if you've been thinking about it, follow these steps:

Spend some time doing some online research prior to talking to your partner about it. You'll feel more grounded and confident by coming to the conversation with an idea of what you're looking for and what you want out of it. This is also a great idea if you don't know a lot of about what sex toys are out there or how some work.

Speak up:
Now that you've gotten your education on, it's time to have a conversation. Approach your partner on neutral ground, i.e., not the bedroom. It might make your partner feel inadequate if you talk to them about using toys while you're in the throes of passion, so come to them when they are watching TV, reading or if you two are out on a walk. If they seem unsure, remind them that they they always keep you satisfied, this is just about the two of you experiencing new things in the bedroom.

They said yes:
So your partner said okay. What now? If you guys like your privacy, I suggest sticking to online toy stores, like Adam and Eve. This way you can still maintain your privacy but navigate through the toys and find out what you both are looking for. Remember to keep an open mind, because your partner might have some hidden fantasies up their sleeve that you didn't know about. If you like a more hands on approach, make a date night out of it and hit up a local store together.

Get to playing:
Make a night of it once you get your toy. Put some time into your bedroom look and seduce your partner. Have some wine, light some candles, do whatever you do that you think is romantic. This way, once the toy comes out and everything is said and done, you and your partner will associate positive connotations around toy use. Not only did it do its job, but you also had a good evening and you'll think of that the next time you pull it out.

Remember to always clean your toys after using them, store them in a cool, safe place and remove the batteries to achieve maximum use out of them.

By: Madison Pierce
Note: This guest editorial was provided by Adam and Eve.

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