Designer Diaries: Rudsak, Soia & Kyo and Eva Chen

For this week's "Designer Diaries," CG is focusing on three Canadian designers: Rudsak, Soia & Kyo and Eva Chen!

Rudsak: The Edgiest Label On The Block

Looking for a hip and chic designer to keep you looking absolutely edgy all the time? We introduce you to Rudsak, a 100% Canadian label that has been a favorite of celebs such as Carly Rae Jepsen and Cody Simpson (to name a few) since 1994! Designer Evik Asatoorian started Rudsak because he had always wanted a career in fashion, and he knew he had what it took to make it in the industry. Fast forward 18 years, and you have a rough-and-tough fashion label that specializes in quality leather garments and accessories. The Rudsak piece no girl’s wardrobe is complete without? A leather jacket! Rudsak’s jackets are sharp and edgy and will look amazing with everything else you own. Rudsak is avilable at boutiques all over the world so be sure to see if there is a Rudsak retailer near you!

Soia & Kyo: The Most Unique, Playful And Cute Label For College

Want to look absolutely amazing on campus? Stock up on Soia & Kyo clothing! Since Soia & Kyo’s creation in 2004 by fashion mastermind Ilan Elfassy, it has quickly risen to stardom through its fashion-forward and completely cute outerwear! Soia & Kyo may be known for quirky touches like oversized buttons and asymmetrical collars, but what CG loves about this label is its ability to be completely on trend with every single collection. There is not one Soia & Kyo garment that leaves you uninspired: each piece of clothing in all of Ilan’s collections keeps women everywhere wishing they could be dressed head to toe in Soia & Kyo every single day! Check out for details on how you can order you favorite S&K pieces online!

Eva Chen: The Ultimate Class Act

Got a suave party or chic evening event to attend? Eva Chen is the perfect designer for all of your formal attire needs! Designer Eva Chen has worked in Canada, the U.S., Singapore and China, so she knows exactly what the world of fashion is looking for, and she impresses the industry with every collection. Eva Chen is all about glamorous, gorgeous and downright divine attire, and all of her dresses can make any girl feel like a princess. From Eva’s slimming, sleek evening gowns to her more flamboyant garments, each of her creations are equally exquisite. Check out for information on where you can buy Eva’s designs!

Now that you know more about Rudsak, Soia & Kyo and Eva Chen are you excited to invest in any of these new designers? Leave a comment below to let CG know!

By: Annie Robinson | Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

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