Designer Look For Less: Tomboy Chic

My style is as girly as it gets. On any given day, my go-to wardrobe essential would easily be a floral printed skirt or dress. I’m obsessed with all things ruffled and lace, and nothing makes me happier than a bow-topped pair of ballerinas. Every once in awhile, however, I like to change it up. When searching for this week’s look for less, I instantly gravitated toward Thakoon Addition’s fall 2012 line for its tomboy chic appeal. Printed poncho tops, quilted leather shorts layered over tights and menswear-inspired loafers are just the start of achieving a look reminiscent of the boys.

With the temperatures dropping, this week’s warm and cozy layered look couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time.

The Designer Look:
Thakoon Panichgul, the designer behind Thakoon Addition as well as his own namesake line, proves that tomboy chic can be elegant, effortless and feminine. Although his collection includes a fair number of plaid trousers, button-down shirts and cardigans, feminine essentials like modest dresses and preppy skirts have a place, too. Gone, however, are any signs of frivolousness. Everything in Thakoon’s line is streamlined and oh-so impeccably styled. Even the color palette is muted, with the exception of a few rich hues like mustard yellow and crimson red.

The outfit above is just one example of the perfection that I speak of. While Thakoon incorporates actual blue leather shorts into the look, genuine leather doesn’t typically fall within a college fashionista’s budget. Instead, opt for the next best thing: coated or faux leather black shorts. They have the shiny, slick appearance of leather, but are only a fraction of the cost. When layered over gray tights, they lose their edginess factor, taking on a more reserved and casual style. And, I never thought that I’d say this, but it just may be time to invest in a knit poncho! Based on this look, Thakoon proves that ponchos can be cool. He layers it over a printed blouse and voila, a fashion-forward ensemble is born. Lastly, nothing is more evocative of the menswear-inspired look than loafers.

The Look for Less:
1. Blue Ladder Stitch Jumper from Dorothy Perkins, $59
2. Coated Shorts from Mango, $45
3. BDG patent Loafer from Urban Outfitters, $20
4. BKE Sheer Stripe Top from Buckle, $27
5. Cable Knit Tights from Forever 21, $10

The Look for Less Total: $161

Style Tip: Regardless of your style, you can definitely pull off the tomboy chic look. The key is to pick one or two menswear-inspired pieces to mix into your wardrobe rotation. Whether it’s a pair of loafers, a collared shirt or wide-leg trousers, a little goes a long way. It can be as simple as layering your favorite striped sweater over a collared shirt. There’s something about this combination that instantly makes you appear that much more tomboyish (yet still cute!). Similarly, with loafers and oxfords being the “it” shoes of the season, you should have no trouble accomplishing this dapper look.

What’s your favorite runway collection this season? Leave a comment below and who knows, maybe it’ll be incorporated into the next look for less!

By: Anjerika Wilmer | Images: Listed retail stores

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