4 Last Minute Costumes from Clothes You Have in Your Closet

Are you scrambling to put together your Halloween costume for this weekend's festivities? Or are you just too busy to go shopping? Either way, there's probably something in your closet that can turn into a costume. Here are four easy costumes from clothes you probably already have:

What you need: A red and white striped shirt, jeans, black glasses, and a red pom-pom beanie.

Put it together: The striped shirt and jeans might look like a normal, everyday outfit to you, but once you add the black frames and a red pom-pom beanie, you won't be mistaken as anything but Waldo. Stay elusive!

What you need:  A pink, black, or white tank with a short lace or tulle skirt in matching colors. Pair with a pair of tights, your favorite ballet flats, and a tiara if you have one at hand. 

Put it together: You can go either pink, white, or black with this outfit. Layer the skirt on top of the tank to sit at your waist, slip on your tights and flats, and you're ready to go.


What you need: A black dress, black heels, liquid eyeliner and a cat-ear headband (or make a DIY one with black felt, tacky glue, and a headband!)

Put it together: After slipping on your black dress and heels, use your liquid eyeliner to create the perfect cat-eye look by sweeping it past your eyelid and upwards. Add the cat ears and your normal makeup routine, and you're done.

What you need: A blouse, short skirt, red lipstick, and heels.

Put it together: Almost everyone has the sexy secretary look right in their closet! Tuck the blouse into the skirt, add glasses for good measure, and give your lips a full swipe of that red lipstick.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

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