How to Keep Love Alive with Compromise

In theory, compromising in relationships seems like an easy concept: “If we go see a movie I like this week, then next week we can see one that you like,” or, “If you buy dinner tonight, I’ll pay for it next time.” Couples must make simple compromises like these everyday to get along and stay together. Here are a few tips for using compromise to keep your relationship fresh and healthy.

Compromising is important to keep the happiness in your relationship.
Compromise is a part of daily life -- romantic or otherwise. If you choose not to compromise, it can only lead to dissatisfaction in your relationship. According to research psychologists at Psychology Today, compromising is effective in small doses. And, without it, you could be in for a long, tiring relationship rollercoaster. Take the initiative, make the sacrifice and move on. You’ll spend less time irritated, promising your friends you are officially swearing off guys, and more time feeling happy and enjoying your sweetie.

If he won’t compromise with you, you may need to deploy those four dangerous words: “We need to talk.”
Making sacrifices for the person you’re dating should become a natural thing in any long-term relationship. Uh oh, your boyfriend won’t run out for the Sunday morning coffee when it’s clearly his turn. You grabbed it the past four times. What starts off as something small can turn serious if it continues. Couples could begin to resent each other, creating more problems for the relationship’s health. Randi Gunther, a marriage counselor and contributor for Psychology Today, agrees: “Over time [couples] can seriously compromise their personal integrity and then silently hate their partners for accepting their sacrifices.”

If this sounds familiar, you may not have a reason to worry, but you should consider talking about it with your guy. Chances are he had no clue this was even bothering you. Sometimes, the men in our life are clueless and just need a little push! But, if your love interest just isn’t willing to compromise with you, it might be time to find someone who is ready to be in the equal partnership you deserve.

Communicate openly and often.
Learning to openly communicate is your ticket to relationship heaven. For instance, if your significant other has experienced any negativity in his past love life (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), talk to him about it. If he’s feeling insecure, ask him if he’s willing to share his thoughts. When you’re feeling uncomfortable, you sometimes shut down and become distant to your partner, according to Dr. Speaking freely not only opens the doors to more compromise, but allows for a new realm of trust and communication. If there’s anything more important than learning how to make sacrifices for the one you love, it’s learning to trust each other and communicate openly about your feelings.

Ultimately, we’re all a little selfish sometimes. But without a give-and-take attitude, it is impossible to be happy in any relationship. Compromising is totally worth it and can make the love last.

By: Gina Oursler | Image: Getty Images

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