Get Style Inspiration From "Project Runway's" Christian Siriano

Every girl’s closet needs an all-star look, so why not take a page out of "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano’s book? This week we’re all about the KISS method when it comes to this chic look by the designer. When you’re shopping with a college budget in mind, always remember: Keep It Simple, Stupid, but of course with an added pop of color. Here’s how to get this look for less than $100.

The Look: This look comes to us from "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano from his Spring Collection. The ensemble is comprised of a white collared sleeveless dress matched with yellow heels and a matching belt.

The Look for Less:
1. Embellished Collar Dress from, $32
2. Strutting on Sunshine Wedge from, $48
3. Genuine Leather Belt from, $18

Look for Less Total: $98

There’s plenty of ways to achieve this look within a college budget. We went for a dress, but if you’re all about separate pieces, simply find yourself a sleeveless collared shirt and a white flared skirt. To add some dimension to a simple outfit like this, more body can be achieved with a pleated skirt or a gathered one.

Fashion Tip: If yellow isn’t your color, don’t worry. With an all-white look like this you’ll never be limited to your choice in color when it comes to your accessories. For the cooler weather, jazz this look up with a precious printed cardigan in a complementary color to whatever shade you choose for your accessories.

If you have a look you’d like to get for less than $100, shoot our editors an email for our next article.

By: Danielle Gosha | Images: Listed retail stores

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