Free Back to School Apps You Should Download

Whether you are Academic Abby or Breeze-by Belinda, heading back to school after summer is hard, so why not do yourself a favor and get off on a good foot early before you find yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed (or on the floor) your first day back? Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, College Gloss has you covered with these amazing Apps for your phone or tablet that will have you raring and ready to go ... plus, they’re free.

Evernote: If you find yourself becoming increasingly disorganized during the school year, then we recommend you grab the Evernote App for your smartphone. With this App, you can keep track of notes, sound clips, pictures, emails and so much more.

Amazon: If you’re a returning student, then you know how crazy the bookstore can get on the first few days back, and no one enjoys being a part of it, let alone emptying your wallet as soon as you get to the cash register (after standing in line for almost an hour that is). Avoid paying ridiculous prices for textbooks this semester, and go the easy route with this free application.

USB Disk: With your iPhone, you can already take around the internet and music, so why not take along your important documents and transferred files as well? Keep your essential files at your fingertips without the worry of those easy-to-lose, small USB thumb drives.

Wikipedia: Nothing is better than having the world at your fingertips, and with a smartphone you pretty much have that, but sometimes you need a little bit more and in a hurry. Wikipedia is always a great go-to option for a quick answer, whether it’s for a date you need before a history exam or just some quick information to impress your friends.

With these easy-to-use, free Apps, you’ll head back to school more prepared than ever!

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By: Danielle Gosha | Images: Weheartit, 1, 2, 3, 4

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  1. Thank you for the great app suggestions. I am sending my son a Nexus 7 tablet as a surprise back to school gift and I wanted to preload a few essential apps for him along with one that is kind of non essential but still really cool. He knows that I work for DISH and he came to me asking if I knew of a better way then cable to get TV service in his dorm. They won’t let him install a DISH so I gave her the next best thing… the use of my DISH. He can use the DISH app to watch his favorite channels AND DVR recordings right from our DVR at home. I think that is a better option for him then getting cable service; this way, he will even be able to take it outside to relax on the quad.

  2. Thanks alot for suggesting the apps. Actually, my daughter is preparing for her SAT exams hope it will boost up her Test Prep.


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