Back to School Fashion: Three Trendy Outfits

It’s just about that time of year again where you find yourself asking the million dollar question: “What am I going to wear?” We’ve all been there at least once, and it’s not a fun feeling, not to mention we usually end up with clothes thrown about covering both the floor and the bed. This semester, avoid the hassle and back to school anxiety, and check out these three back to school outfits that we have picked out with college girls in mind.

Dean’s List Darling

Top of your class? Then you should be top of the food chain when it comes to your sense of style because no one will expect less than a grade A ensemble from an A+ student. We know you never settle for second best, so go for the gold! This outfit has just enough sophistication and glamour while maintaining your scholarly street cred.

Save the blazer for when you accept that big award, it’s the first day back to school and though you want to impress, you want to maintain that you have just as much smarts as you do style. This beautiful gold crochet chiffon blouse from is definitely a smart buy, as it is only $17 and a perfect wear for the warm weather. Speaking of warm weather, light colors reflect sunlight keeping you cool, so match that great top with a great pair of white turn-up cotton capris at an affordable $21, also from dorothy Never one to be flippant, you’ll love these gold sling back sandals for $18 from With just enough sass, these sandals will keep your feet comfortable while you’re making your way across campus. Every college girl needs a great bag, and you’ll definitely find one in the JosephM Ladis beige frame bag, retail $49 from This is a great bag to carry all your academic needs, such as pens, a calculator, your phone and of course your notable frequent library card. And for a bit of pizazz to your outfit, finish your look with gold accessories, like the $9.94 Asos claw cuff bracelet from and a pop of color with these statement coral resin stud earrings by Kenneth Cole New York for $24, found on

Foreign Exchange Femme
No matter how many languages you speak or at least think you can speak, there’s going to be one word to describe your back to school outfit: FASHIONABLE. You’re definitely the cultured one out of all your friends and love to show it off with your trendy Union Jack printed wallets and Harajuku printed tote bags, so we’re taking you to the fashion capital of Paris for a bit of femme fatale in your wardrobe.

Parisian girls all look like models on and off the runway, and as a femme fatale, your one task is to make the simplest of fashion look flawless. Start off with this light grey ELEVEN PARIS short sleeve hem crop T-shirt for $32 at, and pair it with these slender $16 H&M skinny low jeans from Forget the stereotypical red scarf tied around your neck; go for a more modern, French flair with this striped vero moda scarf for $15 from Tote bags are a girl’s best friend in college to carry all those textbooks, but when you can afford to forgo the books, you’re sure to grab your AX Paris mini handheld clasp bag from to give your simple style a chic look. To finish up your modelesque look, style it up with these black platform sandals at $42 from and a simple stone cuff for $16 from

Futuristic Freshman

Your first day in the college world might be a bit scary, but you have your eyes on the prize and are determined to show the upperclassmen that you can hang with the big girls. Though you may not have quite the finesse as the Dean’s List Darling, you know that being a freshman is all about experimenting and finding yourself, but one look at your galactic style, everyone on campus might get lost looking at you.

You’re still all about your simplicity when it comes to style, so a top like this suntop from for $40 is right up your alley. If you want everyone asking “who’s that girl?” then you’ll definitely be making a mystery with this fantastic asymmetric skirt at $33 from As a freshman, you might not know your limitations, so not to overdo it and overwhelm yourself, you’ll be prepared to trek anywhere thanks to these $28 ALDO Laughton sandals. To finish the look, accessorize with this Roxy cross body bag for $29 from, feather dangle earrings, courtesy of at $3 and a $15 crystal cross bracelet from

While you may not have found the perfect back to school outfit, we at least hope that you’ve been inspired by our selections.

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By: Danielle Gosha | Images: Listed retail stores

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