Why You Should Wear Sunscreen

If you’re anything like I am, you always forget about protecting your skin. I hardly ever burn from sun exposure, so it’s really easy for me to just skip the SPF and hit the sand. It never occurred to me how important sunscreen is, even as a kid growing up in sunny California. Putting on sunscreen before jumping in the pool was the biggest hassle, but today, I can’t stress enough how critical sunscreen really is – especially for your face.

Too much sun causes dryness, irritation and sunburn. It also can increase your chances of getting skin cancer (we all know that). But while many of us choose to ignore the dangers of too much UV (ultraviolet light), science is continuously proving how dangerous too much sun can be. Essentially, what we commonly know about sun damage is becoming more and more certain with continued research. If we lay out too long, we will see changes in our skin texture, find more veins that are visible (especially on our faces), get moles and dark spots, which increases the likelihood of getting skin cancer and jumpstarts aging.

Recently, all of these likely dangers made me realize that while everyone is struggling to stay young (hello, night cream and facial masks), I am on the fast track to dry and wrinkly skin! I immediately started using a facial sunscreen, Super City Block SPF 40 from Clinique, which acts as a makeup primer. I have always used a primer before putting on makeup, so this new product made it super easy and convenient for me and most importantly, is protecting my face from the hot California sun.

We all have to keep our skin healthy – just because you don’t burn doesn’t mean you aren’t damaging your skin with every darker shade you become! As the summer winds down, save your skin from the hot sun, and slap on that SPF.

By: Michelle Chang | Image: Pinterest

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  3. There are lots of advantages of wearing sunscreen. If you visit any Skin Clinic, they will elaborate you all the advantages of that. The one of the best advantage is to reduce the risk of skin cancer. So always apply it when you go outside.


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