Beauty & the Beach: CG's Top 3 Beach Beauty Products

There is nothing better than splashing around on the beach with your best friends during the summer, but a lot of the time ... well, beach visits aren’t easy breezy for college girls! Let’s face it, girls have to manage the pressure of having the perfect bikini body, a dazzling tan, stylish swimwear and the list goes on. So one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about for a day at the beach is your makeup! Keep reading for three high-end beach products that will have your face shining in the summer sun...

One of the most important features a girl can accentuate in the summer is her eyelashes! Long, thick, velvety lashes add an instant glam factor to a beach ensemble and are sure to make your eyes sparkle. When picking mascara for a day at the beach, think before you buy! Beach day mascara has to be waterproof or it will run as soon as you hit the waves (eek!). Lancome L’Extreme Waterproof Mascara may be pretty pricey ($30+), but it is worth every penny. This mascara lengthens your lashes with no smudging and no smearing, which means nothing can keep you from swimming in the sea!

​​Any girl would agree that the thought of piling on skincare products for a swelteirng day in the sun is downright gross! No girl wants to apply layers of concealer, bronzer, sunscreen, moisturizer, etc. for a beach day, so why should you? Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Cream ($39) does it all! This fabulous beauty product is topping every college girl’s wishlist with its SPF 35 protection and ability to “moisturize, prime, perfect, protect and control oil in a single step!” This BB cream does it all and more and is one beach-ready beauty product you shouldn’t mind splurging on.

​No girl is ready for the beach without a rosy red pout. To achieve beautiful bee stung lips, without a question, CG loves Benefit’s SPF 15 Tinted Lip Balm! This $20 lip tint not only protects your lips, but it also leaves them colored and shiny. (Plus we also love the adorable Benefit jar that the lip balm comes in! It is too cute to resist.)

​Now you can make your beach day so much more beautiful with these three fancy beauty products that every girl is lusting for! While these products may have a larger price tag, they also come with endless beauty opportunities and the high-end quality that every girl wants in her makeup.

​By: Annie Robinson | Images: Weheartit, listed retail stores

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