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As we edge into the season of lecture halls and classrooms, the return to your new space inches closer, as well.  Whether you’re an upcoming freshman, a returning champ to dorm life, or upgrading to a chic apartment or house, there are quite a few essential items and décor tips that you will need to make your space feel like home.

Top Décor Items for Dorm Living

The Dormify Pouf is the perfect comfort accessory for any room. It’s small enough to not dominate all your room’s square feet, while adding a quirky splash of color to the space.

To keep you motivated when times get rough, these inspirational posters from Dormify and Walmart double as great wall art.

Whether your flooring is carpet, linoleum or wood paneling, a colorful area rug, available at Target, will make your room more inviting and comfy.
Top Décor Items for Apartment/Home Living

Now that you live off campus and have more control over your walls, spice them up with Dormify Wall Vinyl’s. They come in a variety of colors and styles that will appeal to any look you are trying to achieve. This is the perfect impermanent solution to sprucing up boring walls.

With more space to accommodate furniture, a lounge chair, available at Target, is an inexpensive solution to comfort.

Being further away from campus may mean you have less time to get ready for that 8 a.m. class. This alarm clock from Target, featuring a built in iPod/iPhone dock, allows you to wake up to your favorite song instead of a blaring ring.

A unique approach to lighting, these paper lanterns, available at PB Teen, help cast a soft and colorful glow, replacing the stale, yellowish glow that we are accustomed to.
Top Essentials for Dorm Living
To save yourself the trouble of buying separate beddings and trying coordinate colors, get a Bed in a Bag in Twin XL: the standard size of most dorm beds today. They are available at Walmart.

To deal with the lack of dresser and closet space in your room, storage trunks are excellent solutions. You can find these at PB Teen.

An upgrade from the dry erase board you kept in your locker in high school, this board from Walmart is a pretty piece of writable wall art.

Another great multi-purpose décor item, this PB Teen lamp organizer brings light into your world and helps save your space from clutter.

A top dorm essential, the coveted mini fridge or mini cooler, found at PB Teen, when fully stocked, can save you the late night trips to the local convenience store for study snacks.
Top Essentials for Apartment Living

Featuring two complementary colors, the Dormify Reversible Duvet can fit your changing moods while still remaining in the same color palette.

The Dormify Luxe Fur Throw is a stylish and warm way to spruce up dull bedding or a bland couch.

Need a place to stash those late night snacks and drinks or to rest that stylish new lamp organizer or iHome? Look no further than this bedside table (available at Walmart) in colorful options to match any preference.

It’s college ... you’re going to need somewhere to put your laptop, books and miscellaneous stuff. Need I say more about this smooth top Walmart desk?

This is your space-saving alternative if you’re in the almost-inevitable studio apartment. When living in tight quarters, your furniture (such as this futon from Walmart) and appliances have to have multiple functions.
With the help of College Gloss and these back to school décor tips, you should have one less thing to worry about when preparing to head to your university.
Do you know of any great back to school products? Let us know in a comment!
By: Aspen Evans | Images: Weheartit, listed retail stores

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