Runway DIY: Flower Power on a College Budget

We are all guilty of wanting our cake and eating it, too, and at one point or another we’ve been forced to make some unwanted sacrifices. Sometimes we choose to keep the cake while others choose to eat theirs, but with fashion the choice isn’t as obvious. When summer rolls around we often find ourselves staring at our closet for hours asking if we would rather be stylish or comfortable. Well, stare no more...because with a lightweight tulip skirt you’ll not only be fashionable, but comfortable.

Here’s how to put a little flower power in your wardrobe and look like a million bucks for less than $100.

The Designer Look: This particular look comes from the 3.1 Philip Lim Resort Collection. It consists of a high waisted asymmetrical tulip skirt, gray crew neck top and white ¾ sleeve blazer.

The Designer Estimate: $1165

The Look for Less:

1. Gray Racer Back tank from, $15
2. Gold braided belt from, $5
3. Lily White High Low Asymmetrical Skirt from, $43.89
4. Miso White Jacket from, $31

The Look for Less Total: $94.89

Given the overall look consists of a neutral palette of creams, whites and grays, I recommend adding a pop of color when accessorizing. A simple outfit like this would benefit from turquoise heels or ruby red flats. For jewelry, go for statement bracelets that are gold in color to complement the gold belt. A necklace with this outfit won’t be needed, but if you want to add a little shine up top, accessorize the ears with either simple pearl studs or a pair of flirty teardop earrings.

Summer Fashion Tip: Remember, when dressing for the heat, go for light colors as they reflect sunlight while dark colors absorb them. If you’re wearing layers, be sure that they can easily be removed, such as a blazer or cardigan. Lighter fabrics should be worn closer to your skin while heavier fabrics should be the layering article.

Have a designer favorite that you want us to “look for less?” Let us know by clicking “Submit an Outfit” on the College Gloss homepage or emailing one of our editors.

By: Danielle Gosha | Images: Listed retail stores

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