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Well, one thing’s for sure... Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James will make any reader blush fifty shades of red. It has recently gained a lot of fame, and women around the country are going absolutely insane over this book... or, to be more precise, Christian Grey.

Although the frequent sex scenes can get a little much at times, what keeps readers enthralled by this erotic novel is not only the steaminess, but also the likeable and relatable characters. The main character, Anastasia Steele, is a graduating college senior looking forward to life beyond graduation. She’s determined and driven, but also insecure and a little uncomfortable in her own skin, which every woman can relate to. What doesn’t help is her horrible sex life -- more to the point, the fact that it doesn’t exist.

The stars align for Ana when she meets Christian Grey, a gorgeous and confident billionaire who owns his own company and is only a few years older than Ana. Could this godly man get any more perfect? Soon the pair are enthralled with each other, but as Ana gets wrapped up in Christian’s spell she realizes that he has some major issues... and major secrets. Christian’s idea of a relationship is very different from young naive Ana’s. Trying to open her eyes, Christian introduces Ana to his world where pain and pleasure are all wrapped up into one. Will Ana fall deeper into the darkness with Christian or will she be the one to pull him toward the light? You’ll have to read up to find out!

E. L. James does a remarkable job describing how the characters transform and grow throughout the book. Undoubtedly readers will be rooting for Ana and Christian the entire book, hoping they can take their different worlds and turn them into one.

The hype for this book is well-deserved...the sex chapters will make you sweat (hint: picture the sexy Christian Grey wearing only a tattered and torn pair of jeans and holding a riding crop), and the romantic chapters will make your heart melt. By the end of the book, if Christian Grey does not have you wrapped around his slender, skilled finger, then you must have skipped a chapter or two. Not only is he such an alluring character because of his bad-boy demeanor -- which he keeps up while also being a successful businessman -- but in addition, it’s the secrets and damage from his past that he keeps inside that has everyone pining over him. Who is the real Christian Grey? Let’s hope Ana Steele can be the one to find out.

You can get the book here on Amazon or at your local bookstore. Warning: You will spend the rest of your life trying to find your own Christian Grey.

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  1. This book was good but the other two books, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed are even better! More about the characters and less about the hot sex.


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