Meet Fashion Blogger Shana Brown of Knee Highs and Love

Meet Shana Brown, or Shana Bea as she likes to call herself, a 23-year-old beauty hailing from Carson, CA, but can be found strutting her way down the streets of what she calls an "elegantly dirty" borough known as Brooklyn, NY.

Everything comes quite naturally to her. Whether it be her coiled strands of hair, her ode-to-vintage style or her favorite topic of all time—love, which she spells “elleohvee,” Shana is making quite a name for herself in the wonderful world of blogging.

Shana’s blog, Knee Highs and Love, takes you on her daily adventures. She posts photographs of herself with friends, shopping, on her birthday and even pictures of her crazy cat Queen Tali. She also includes links to the countless blogs she's been featured on and artwork from fans she has inspired. Despite her overload of Twitter followers and constant submissions on how much she's adored by others, she always remains humble and never forgets to end her posts with "Peace and Elleohvee."

So, before she’s invited to sit next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week or called to be the newest CoverGirl model, we've snagged an interview with the Queen Bea herself…

What is your occupation?
SB: Creator and inspirational leader; lover of all things beautiful, natural and simple; chained down at Urban Outfitters and Cole Haan in SoHo NY.

When did you start your blog?
SB: I started my Tumblr account in December of 2010 and in July 2011.

Why did you start your blog?
SB: I started my Tumblr just because I loved all the photos on there. There is just so much to see from all over the world just scrolling down a dashboard (if you follow the right people). I started because by that time, I had really created a buzz about my style and people were really interested in me and wanted to know more. So friends of mine and many of my followers inspired me to create my own .com. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made.

How important is your blog to your daily life?
SB: My blog is one of the most important things to my daily life because it is the easiest way for me to talk to thousands of people at once, which is why I can appreciate positive social media. If you're saying and doing the right things, you can truly inspire different people all over the world from a blog. ..amazing.

What other blogs do you follow?
SB: I follow plenty Tumblrs because they have the best photos. But blogs that I love are,,,, and

What/who inspires your style?
SB: Everyone that I see, everything that I do, all the people that I meet are inspirations to my personal style. "I am a combined effort of everything that I have ever known." California raised me and New York shaped me into the woman that I am. From one coast to the other, I was created.

 When did you get into fashion?
SB: I've always been in love with fashion, just not the fashion industry. I appreciate that through fashion we can create and inspire people to bring garments to life with our bodies.

What are your favorite places to shop?
SB: I love to shop at the thrift store mostly, only because there are much better clothes there and cheaper prices. Of course I can shop anywhere that I'd like because I can afford it, but I’d rather wear clothes that are not made in mass.

What is it like when people ask to feature you on their blogs, websites, etc?
SB: It's such a good feeling when people ask me because it's a way to be shown in front of more people and do what I love to do— inspire and help create change. It's definitely a humbling experience and always makes what I'm doing worth the time.

What's a trend that you're sick and tired of?
SB: That bull ring piercing, I highly dislike it… HIGHLY.

What is a trend that you can't get enough of?
SB: I'm not sure actually, since I don't dress around trend, I dress around emotion.

What are your hobbies?
SB: I love to write, I write a lot. Reading is always necessary and walking across the Williamsburg Bridge at night has also become my absolute favorite hobby. And of course, LOVING! :)

What are your aspirations?
SB: My aspiration is to just continue doing what I'm doing, but grow better at it. I love helping people, and I love inspiring people. So I can literally see myself living this same simple and beautiful life, just with my own family around me. I want to continue to inspire women to be queens and to feel beautiful. So growing into a life consultant is possibly the ultimate goal.

Anything else you would like to add?
SB: Peace and Elleohvee.

For more of Shana, check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.

By: Rikki Byrd | Images: Chris Photoz

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  1. She is sooo cool looking! I love her hair.....that second picture is AWESOME!!! This blogger is intensely fashionable!!!!!!!!


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