How to Get Beach Hair (Without Hitting the Waves)

As the summer is fast approaching and the temperature is climbing several degrees daily, there is one question on everyone’s mind: “When can I get to the beach?” However, many girls find themselves saddled with the age-old issue of how to do their hair for what is sure to be a fun day of ocean, sun and sand. Never fear, the following hairstyle will put an end to those beach hairstyling woes.

For this particular hairstyle, hair pins or bobby pins will be needed, as well as a claw clip -- either decorative or plain (size will vary according to thickness of hair).

1. Begin by creating a middle part that is in the center of the scalp; the front doesn’t need to be neat. This look is purposely supposed to look a little messy or effortless.

2. Separate your hair into two halves, pulling one out of the way in a hair tie or clip. Leave a few strands of hair loose at the front.

3. Roll the first section of hair inward and up as in a big, flat twist or as if you were going to put your hair up in a claw clip. While twisting, bobby pin loosely.

4. Next, do the same to the second section of hair and pin as the hair is twisted upward.

5. Once completely twisted, use the claw clip to secure both the twists, leaving the ends free to fall over and conceal the clip. During this step, the loose ends of the hair can be clipped away or at an angle to be given a neater or messier look.

6. After clipping up most of your hair, pull a few strands in the front into a messy bump. Even pull out some tendrils here and there for a piecey look.

Voila! Once you have finished the last step, you are left with an effortless beachy updo that will look perfect with any bathing suit. Plus, you know your hair will always be looking great in the sand and sun... and you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of beachtime activities!

By: DeAnna Ramos | Images: Weheartit, DeAnna Ramos

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