Outfits Inspired by Batman

In recent years, director Christopher Nolan’s reboot of DC Comics’ Batman series has garnered the interest and praise of young and old alike. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual movie-goer, there is no denying the franchise’s appeal. In honor of the upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises, here are five looks inspired by the caped crusader and his infamous enemies.
1. Black Ruched Long Sleeve One Button Blazer ($28), Chiara Fashion
2. H&M Sunglasses ($7.73), H&M
3. Club L Contrast Tie Dress ($48), Nelly
4. Chunky Gold Look Cuff ($17), Dorothy Perkins
5. Gold Brushed Hoop Earrings ($12), Wallis Fashion
6. Lace Up Platform High Heel ($35), My Hot Shoes

1. Cutie ¾ Sleeve Blazer ($36), House of Fraser
2. Red Stripe Peplum Top ($22), River Island
3. Converse Chuck Taylor High Top ($45), Nordstrom
4. Double Layer Fingerless Gloves ($9.99), Amazon
5. High Waist Denim Shorts ($39), Jane Norman
6. Adia Kibur Two Stone Drop Earrings ($24), Shopbop
7. Asos Extreme Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses ($21), Asos

1. Trousers Shanghai ($43), Mango
2. Precis Petite Crinkle Linen Jacket, Mauve ($245), John Lewis
3. Bobby Stripe Lace-Up Shoe (N/A), American Apparel
4. Don’t Ask Amanda Ruffle Tank ($15), General Pants
5. Punky Pins Sugar Skull Earrings ($11), Attitude Clothing
6. Black Satin Rose Flower Brooch ($5), Etsy
7. Element Tamblin Hat ($33), Swell

1. Timney Plain Floppy Hat ($53), House of Fraser
2. Embellished Skull and Crossbones Earrings ($10), GoJane
 3. Zebra Print Platform Heels ($35), Hot Topic
4. Petite Heart Back Prom Dress ($110), Topshop
5. Selima Sun Sophia Sunglasses ($98), J. Crew
6. Rugby Stripe Oblong Scarf ($55), Juicy Couture

1. Lacy Trilby Hat ($17), Oasis Stores
2. J. Jones Printed Poncho Top ($41), Lord and Taylor
3. Green Woven Slip-On Shoes ($46), River Island
4. Iconic Lucite Jasmine Flower Post Earrings ($25), Tarina Tarantino
5. Melville Denim Shorts (N/A), Melville

By: Briana Morgan | Images: Shops Provided Above

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  1. Luv the outfits except the tank top used for Robin's outfit seemed too clownish. If there wasn't any stripes on the top then the outfit wouldn't seem overdramatic. I especially luv the Harley Quinn and Posion Ivy outfits. Gotta luv the style of villianesses any day.

  2. Cool! This is really neat...those graphics were awesome too!!!!!!! Love this :-)


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