3 Thoughtful Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day and finals season happening at the same time, it's sometimes difficult to spend a lot of time coming up with a thoughtful gift. Here are three classic, but thoughtful last minute Mother's Day gift ideas:

A Painting by You
Remember when you used to draw pictures for your mom and she would hang them up on the refrigerator or her office walls? This time, go for a real canvas and a set of acrylic paints from your local craft store and let your creativity flow. After it dries, tie it with a pretty ribbon and you're set.

Make Brunch
Unless you are the world's most terrible cook, your mom will probably appreciate the fact that you made her a meal. All it takes is a trip to the grocery store and some morning prep time. Instead of taking her out for brunch (most places are booked by now anyway), whip up some strawberry nutella crepes or omelettes with her favorite veggies, cut and set out some seasonal fruit (or grab a fruit salad platter from the store and dump it on a plate), and set out some croissants, scones, and/or muffins (homemade or store bought). For beverages, make her favorite coffee or tea, and have orange juice on hand. For bonus points, get her a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store.

Framed Photos
With the digital age and you away at college, your mom probably doesn't have many printed photographs of you. Head to your local drug store and get some pictures of you developed -- but leave out the red cup party photos. Tie a ribbon around the stack of photos and voila! For one or two photos, pick up a frame either at the drug store or your local craft store and frame them.

Remember, the best present you can get for your mom is to be there on Mother's Day, so if you can, try to make it home.

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  1. Great ideas! I think moms especially feel loved when you really put your heart into a handmade gift


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