Should You Move in with Your Other Half?

On the fence about whether or not moving in with your guy is the best idea? While it may seem daunting to compile all of your belongings into the same apartment, share a bed every night and spend almost every moment together, there are many positives when it comes to living with your man. Read on for a few reasons why you should take the big leap...

1. You Save Money

Having an apartment with one bedroom makes rent go down dramatically. Plus, you and your guy will start to share pretty much everything—from laundry detergent to vodka and groceries.

2. Every Night is Date Night

Snuggling in front of the TV and ordering in Chinese while you watch your latest Netflix delivery is just as romantic as a night on the town. Light a few candles, pour a glass of wine and it automatically becomes the perfect date night.

3. You Can Get a Pet Together

With two people in and out to take care of a cat or dog, having a pet is much easier when you’re cohabiting. Just think of how fun it would be to snuggle in bed on a Sunday morning with your kitty, or take your puppy for a walk and then grab brunch on the weekends.

4. You Won’t Need to Schedule “Boyfriend Time”

Living with your guy means you see him in the morning and at night everyday of the week, which means getting out to meet the girls on the weekend is easier. You no longer have to struggle with choosing between your guy and the girls.

Independence is a virtue, but sometimes it’s okay to go a little soft. Just think about all the snuggling and simple moments that will make you love him even more!

*Note from the Editor: Although living together can be a wonderful experience, it will also change the dynamics of your relationship. Make sure you're ready to take this step before taking the plunge!

By: Jourdan Miller | Image: Source

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