Studying Abroad: What to Do About Your Relationship?

Most college aged females either know of someone or know a story or two about a long distance love gone array. Whether it’s a wandering eye, thirst for freedom, or fading love, after all the excuses, only one essential ingredient is missing: communication.

Spring semester is a popular time to study abroad, yet leaving behind a lover can make things complicated. How do you enjoy your hot nights in fabulous Italia when you have to race home for a Skype date? While the seven plus hour difference may make things difficult, you and your beau should talk candidly about the upcoming temptations and time commitments. Being open with each other before you jet off is essential if you want the relationship to last.

Tip #1:
Talk to your boy and make sure you are both on the same page BEFORE you leave for your sexy semester abroad.

Although living in the moment is key to enjoying your once in a lifetime experience, always think long and hard about crossing any boundaries.

Tip #2: If he were in the room, how would you act? This is one of the best tidbits of advice I’ve ever received. How would you feel if he were crossing a boundary and you were watching it happen?

Trusting in a few girlfriends is always a good idea. Talk to them about how much you miss him, show them cute pictures, tell them funny stories—when you let others in and think about him in small ways, it makes things easier.

Tip #3: Just because you miss him doesn’t mean every time you think of him needs to bring a flood of tears. Think about the goofy, happy times, and share a few laughs.

When you’re Skyping him make sure to let him be a part of your experience. Tell him stories and let him know that even though you’re having the time of your life, you wish he were there to experience it too. Make sure to be listening to his daily happenings, too.

Tip #4: Continue to work on your relationship and communication even when you’re thousands of miles away.

The last, and most important piece of advice is to think ahead to when you return to your normal college life. Chances are when you left your beau things were good, so putting in a little extra work abroad to communicate will only ensure that you’ll both be happy when you return.

Tip #5:
Think before you act, and more importantly, picture your future.

Make the most of both experiences: love and travel. Maybe someday you’ll both jet off to a fabulous Italian vacation together.

By: Jourdan Miller | Image: Weheartit

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