8 DIY Projects Made From Old Magazines

Being a magazine hoarder is something that can be quite common. You feel the need to save every one because... “I may want inspiration,” “that’s my favorite actress,” or “the editorial is just so cool!” No matter what the reasons, you find yourself going though contemplating what to do with them. Here are a few things you can do to clear the clutter and decorate!

What You Need:

  • Glue stick 
  • Scissors 
  • An assortment of magazines 
  • Medium or large size paintbrush (either bristle or foam) 
  • Collage Pauge/ Craft Gloss 
  • Two old belts (for one of the projects) 
  • Sheets of cardboard 
  • Poster board (foam and/or regular) 
  • Rinsed-out jars 

1. Wooden Boxes:

Find a cigar shop near you and buy a box. Some stores sell them for very cheap, or even give them away for free. If you can’t find one, go to a craft store and find a wooden box of any shape. Begin cutting out images you like from your magazines. Arrange the clips to your fancy. Glue them to the box and let dry. Paint a thin coat of the gloss over the entire box and let dry. It’s as easy as that! You now have a place to store jewelry or makeup.

2. Collages:

Make an inspiration board with everything you like! Just cut, glue and paint the gloss over for a nice finish.

3. Frames:

If you have a cool doodle or a favorite quote you want to display, you can take blank pieces of cardboard, usually found in packages. Take similar or multi-color clips and arrange them around the perimeter of the cardboard. Place the doodle in the middle when finished and add gloss. It’s really simple and gives your apartment or dorm walls some pizazz.

4. Magazine Seat:

If you are the person to have saved every issue of Vogue for the past five years, then this is a project for you! You will need a large stack of magazines, a cushion or pillow and two large belts. First, lie out the belts and begin to stack the magazines in the height of a small chair. When it is a reasonable height, place the cushion on top and fasten the belts. Move the buckles around so they are in the middle of the pile. You now have an extra chair for movie night!

5. Displaying Favorite Editorials:

Have a favorite editorial in Vogue that you love? All you need is some poster board, foam board, or extra matting from your art class, glue, scissors and an editorial spread or picture. Just glue the magazine pages onto the board and hang. They are really simple, but it actually looks pretty good.

6. Patchwork Collage:

This project will take a little longer, but will look really great when complete. Find a coloring page or scan one of your drawings onto a computer. Go to and upload your image. This website will take your image and multiply the size so it fits on multiple pages. You can choose how wide and how tall you want the picture to be (by page sizes) then print it out. The next step is to glue the pages together; they give you a border so you can trim one side of each. Next decide the colors that will be in your design. Go through magazines and cut out similar colors. You will have a lot of luck with perfume ads; they seem to have the most open space with a single color. Glue the magazine pieces together and you will soon have a mural on your wall.

7. Make pencil/ kitchen wear holders:

Take an empty, clean jar and make sure the outside glue is off. In a bowl, mix glue and water together. Take a brush and paint the contents on the jar. Take magazine clippings and place them on the jar. Cover the entire jar and let dry. Add a coat of gloss to it, and you now have a place to store pens, pencils and anything else you think of!

8. Notebook Decorations:

Want to bring some life to your empty notebooks? Browse through magazines and get a full-page background that you like. Then find some smaller images to make a scene. Glue them on and add a coat of the gloss.

Whichever project you choose to do, the most important part is to be sure to have fun! Let’s be honest, anything beats studying for that Biology exam...

By: Brooke Stuart | Images: Weheartit, Source, Brooke Stuart

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