Who is Your Celebrity Style Sister?

Every girl has her own personal style - what is yours? From girly to glam to rocker to boho, chances are you have borrowed an outfit idea (or three!) from your favorite celebrity once or twice before. Celebs have unlimited access to the hottest trends in fashion and love to flaunt it every day.

Read on to discover which celebrity is your sister when it comes to style.

Is your style girly? Your celebrity style sister is Taylor Swift. Taylor loves playing up her feminine side with bouncy blonde curls and floaty dresses. Want to emulate Taylor’s look a little more than usual? Spritz on a bit of her first-ever fragrance “Wonderstruck.” This dainty scent will have you feeling posh and pretty wherever you are on campus!

Is your style glam?Your celebrity style sister is Rihanna! From glitter and leather to all-out fashion, Rihanna pulls out all the stops when it comes to style. Want to amp up your Rihanna fashion vibes? Accessorize your outfits with big baubles: hello chunky charm bracelets and sparkly rings.

Is your style emo-rocker? Your celebrity style sister is Kristen Stewart! Kristen loves embracing the grunge trend, from dark smoky eyes to ripped jeans and oversized tees, Kristen’s look is all her own. Get in touch with your inner emo-rocker by lightly teasing your mane and dressing it up with a killer barrette. So cool.

Is your style boho? Your celebrity style sister is Vanessa Hudgens! This girl loves belted maxi dresses and loose-fitting tops. Vanessa’s boho-luxe look is ultra-cool right now. Channel your style sister by jazzing up your boho outfits with matte gold or silver nail polish.

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Source, Source, Source, Weheartit, Source

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